Is love even real?

Well is it, i have a hard time believing it and understanding it. I just think about constantly is sex, thats it. I tell people to not recommend me as a good boyfriend cause most likely i won’t be a good one. I feel like that love doesn’t even exist, i can’t feel it, sorry if i sound like a asshole.


You’re in your teens, right? If yes, then you’re normal. Teens are hormonal bombs. Thank it to evolution. Love isn’t a word that most people can agree on how to define, so I say you’ll figure it out later in life. Maybe for you is something that comes with time, after making a solid relationship.

That being said… what’s occult about love? I don’t think this goes here. Maybe your journal?


I’m in my early twenties, i have tried doing lust spells for myself but hasn’t worked.

I mean looking at it from a scientific standpoint it’s real because it’s a change in the biochemistry of the brain :smiley:

However, I suppose people give love their own spiritual meanings as well, however, love isn’t a priority, atleast bf/gf, etc. Self love, is priority and the rest comes into place on it’s own (atleast from my experience) too many people focus on getting bfs, gfs, spiritual or physical and they don’t realize their toxic behavior will just make the relationship fail, work on the self, there’s people who give others bad relationship experiences because they can’t acknowledge their poor state of being and dump all that baggage on their relationship, but atleast the difference is you recognize yours (atleast I think) and that’s a step.


Still full of hormones. Don’t worry, it will get better.


Not to be a smartass but as a youngster I was always consequenced for using “Four Letter Words.” You know like Hell, Shit, Damn, Fuck…and Cunt. My response was always "Well you know Love is a four letter word too?"Never took a beating for that one. So I started boxing my on ears everytime I used it. My fucking head still hurts. Lol! Just my cynical 2 cents.


some people can’t love due to trauma experience in early yrs. Some due to parents fighting and negative suggestions when they baby and somehow got brain wash by those angry fighting words. A case study: person A overheard parents fight when they toddler. Saying 'your no good for anyone. you’ll amount to nothing." The kid took that as suggestion. And couldn’t keep a job when became adult in real world. Keep self sabotaging self when he is doing well in a job. Repeat bad behavior to get fired when he’s about to be successful. That’s the source of his problems. other people’s suggestion in his head. With hypnosis , remove that suggestion and walah!! he can keep job. Get many promotions and is now successful.

Or its their astrology constitution. THey don’t know how to love or accept love. Due to personality trait. Some people have social issues cuz of wrong birth time which influence their luck in certain area of life. Example: me. i have a chart that says problem with social life/relationship/ friendship. Other person make drama for no reason causing things to not work. No matter how hard i try, things just don’t work. I’m likable by all, just not in the love department. They all want to use me for my talents.

As for love, it’s a skill. U have to learn to open your heart. Many are closed off due to fear.

Love exist if you open your heart and look within and work on self cultivation in all areas. sound mind/ sound body/ sound spirit. I’m proof. I love someone with all my heart. don’t think that it’s special cuz its’ one way. some people aren’t ready or can’t meet in middle as they aren’t evolve enough yet.

Also, if you meet your soulmate, you can’t deny love. however, be aware that it’s painful experience. It won’t be smooth sailing as they are there to help you learn soul lesson and that require painful experience.


We must clearly define love before we can argue about its properties.

We might choose a simple definition so that our definition fits most of the common uses of the term. “Consciously affirmed affinity” seems like a workable definition.

Love is when a conscious being is aware of their affinity towards another being, and values that affinity.
I like my wife, and place value on the fact that I like her. I put effort into being in harmony with her. With most friends, my affinity toward them is directly related to my positive experiences with them. Love, perhaps, is when we try.

If that definition is passable, then love is real. :+1:


I know how this lack of love due to trauma a little to well. My parents never got married and my mom had me when she was 18, I luckily got to see him bi weekly on weekends. You need to open up more and be more social, you also need to except positive energy into your life. Be happy and celebrate how far you have come in life. Release any burdens you may have and don’t allow them to slow you down, we are here to help you give you the support to move forwards! When you put down your burdens you will see that you have the capability to find or create love! Don’t beat yourself up over small things and be more self loving. You need to see how you really feel deep down so you can move on with more happiness.


I think love is the mutual bond of to beings that know what each other need even if they aren’t told if something is wrong, like me and my succubus. If I had a bad day or am feeling blue she will come and snuggle up to me or she will brush my face or if I feel something is of about her I will tell her how amazing she is and how much she means to me. We both know that regardless of what happens We know we both love each other and we have someone that won’t judge us for our mistakes or our opinions, only to love what we have become and create together. To be honest my definition of love has no end to it but if I where to summarize it, this is it.


I had a feeling you were gonna do me a tarot reading, i did keep my heart closed not because i wanted to but because nobody would hurt me, i keep my distance from people, i got to the point that i stopped caring what people thought about me which i’m glad.

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Dude everyone is liked. And I took a photo of the cards so you could read more on the advice they have for you. Just look up the cards name and read the direction of the card the shadow of my hand is the bottom.

Thank you for the tarot reading.

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Do you have to feel my energy to do my reading?

Hell if I know. I just do it and it works stupidly well.

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I see it as an extension of my intuition and this is what my intention would have said.

I still have a hard on whats its trying tell me, sorry if i sound dumb.

No your good it’s all about how you feel about it. The description I gave you was just about dead on. I was just giving you the option to do more refinement if you want to.

But of course it is its on the same coin with hate just different sides