Is lottery a matter of fate?

I’m sick of hearing stories about people who are picky and good. They have a good heart, and they do not win anything in any lottery. As long as bad people do not deserve to win, they win huge money in lottery. What the hell is that? Is that the fate or the universe is crazy? Somewhere I read that it is also a question of karma and past life, if one is destined to win big money. What do you think?As for magic and lottery, I gave it up i’ve tried a million attempts and nothing went good.

Bro there’s like 5 lottery threads already, you posted in all of them.
Now to address your concerns.
Life is not fair you’re coming at this from a just world fallacy perspective.

Also many examples of “good” people winning.
You can look at any lottery website and find sweet old ladies winning and volunteers winning etc…

I’ll avoid the past life/karma question because it’s not an area I have insight into.

Do I think it’s possible to win with magick, yes I’ve seen enough examples of witches winning to know it’s possible.
I’ve seen examples of spirits helping people win big.
Even several law of attraction winners.

What I feel would most benefit you is to avoid phrases that disempower you such as the last statement.

You did not try a million things.
You didn’t try 1000
Or even a 100.
You probably tried 3-7 ways a few times.
Making statements like that is precisely what will derail you from any objective you wish to fulfill, because instead of trying new or different ways to achieve what you want you believe your own lies and give up.


I’m sure it has connection with past life, some people take birth in a rich family and some people win lotteries, while others do hardwork and yet remain poor.