Is location necessary for evocation

Am currently in Ghana and I have been trying to summon Almost all the nine demonic kings but nothing is happening I can’t feel nor see or hear them i and pray to them almost all the time and sing their enns but nothing and I think is because of where I am but sometimes when I think about how this spirit are like they are everywhere at every time then I don’t even know what to think anymore please I need ur help guys

Probably they are there, you are just not able to feel/see them because of undeveloped astral senses

However I’m sure you have their attention if you summoned them and sang their enns, and they can certainly see and hear you

You could ask them for help to open your chakras and being able to see them and feel the energies, but you must also work on this in order to help them helping you

Some users say it is not needed to open your ajna chakra in order to see/hear spirits, they state just doing evocations regularly will eventually make you able to see them



Am 17yrs I have no credit card to buy ea koetting staff but I use chalk,sigils and candles to do the evocation but all that I wish was to book a consultation with ea koetting but am not working

Well if you keep up your work, by the time you can get a credit card you might not need the consul any more anyway and can save the money.

What I am worried about is for here they don’t even know Azazel and to say to summon him and I read from one of the post on this website where the person said he left to another country and couldn’t hear or was completely cut off with the spirit so am asking whether it is the same for me

If am wrong then anyone who works with Azazel should please ask him that is he present everywhere especially in Ghana becoz I really need his help if anyone calls him again

Spirits can be summoned anywhere, location doesn’t matter