Is Lilith a fallen Angel?

I have read in some myths, and legends, that the dark goddess Lilith, is ones of the four angels of prostitutions, and is a fallen angel. Similar to how Lucifer is, also a fallen angel, that fell from heaven to create, or control the Infernal Empire.


Some say she is a demon, others say a goddess, etc. It’s debated like anything else.


Oh, so it’s depend on how others experience with her?

Technically, in the Judaic mythology where she originates, Lilith has never been an angel, and therefore cannot “fall.”

She, and her sisters are referred to as “Angels of Prostitution” because it was/is believed that she is a protector of those who practice what used to be the sacred art of prostitution because of her wanton sexuality. Due to the patriarchal religions, women having sex for pleasure and pay was seen as dirty and “evil” thus any being who did so was a demon, never mind that it has been a way to honour goddesses throughout history.


Not really, she’s Adam’s first wife from Jewish folklore. Something about wanting to ride him wasn’t ok and she got exiled from Eden, and became the "mother of demons’. :woman_shrugging:

Where that gets morphed into being able to contact her as a daemon ruling a sphere of the Kabalah I don’t know.


That goes for the other spirits as well, right? Just like Lilith, the other demons was implemented there for the same reasons; To represent an aspect of the Kabalah. And since it’s a popular path within the occult, as well as within newly found spiritualists and feminists, then more power to Lilith and her aquaintances. :+1:


So truth

Lilith has several mythological roots that I’ve heard of. I take her as a feminine Lucifer and as the Vampire goddess. To me, she takes feminism past equality with men. She sharpens the sexual and emotional energies much like Byleth or Freya.
I think Lilith is more of a black magic sort of entity. I would call her a light bearer rather than a fallen angel, but that’s a matter of style.

There’s actually no actual statement that she is that Sumerian goddess she’s linked to that goddess like a few LHP demons but it doesn’t boldly state that she is that Goddess.

That and she’s technically the feminine to Samael masculine as she’s married to him but consort to Lucifer.