Is levitation possible

Have u guys ever seen a real levitation…is it possible?


Yes, but I can’t share details, but yes it definitely is, but usually a distraction from real spiritual work, trying to be all flashy and Iron Man or whatever. :slight_smile:


I’ve never seen a levitation but yeah I’d agree with Eva and say it’s possible. It would be good to master, practical magic like this always interests me.

The transcendental meditation teachers seems to teach some kind of yogic hopping…they say levitation is also possible through mastery of the method…who knows


When I was about 10 years old I saw a spirit float a pillow across the room not thrown floated slowly almost from wall to wall. So yes levitation is possible I can attest to that. I also never saw that pillow again for the rest of my life I looked for it for weeks obsessing over it then came to the conclusion that the spirit stole my pillow. The area I grew up in used to be swamps before it was developed. According to legend the whole area was known to be a place of spirits not meant for man to live there. I grew up in freaking Halloween Town with the amount of spirits around me in that country home This could be why I laugh when everyone freaks out at poltergeist activity. It has been freaking my wife out since we have been together but she’s now starting to get complacent about it. Just the other day she said very casually, " your friend was making noises and knocking things over in the kitchen again." I have seen objects levitated since then but nothing as extreme as the floating pillow. So yes 100% real


People like David Blaine and Criss Angel use camera tricks and misdirection to accomplish the impossible feat of levitation.

Speaking of which remember when seances became popular in the Victorian days because of the whole levitating table shit? Well, anyone who has claimed to do this has been debunked. It’s a total distraction from real ascent guys. And in no way I believe something like this is possible. Chasing spiritual pipe-dreams that promise power like this is a foolish endeavor.

But that’s just me. I’m not telling you what to think. This is just how I feel about subjects like this because there’s a lot of people out there who will bullshit you into believing they’re capable of such things. lol

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C.J come to think of it I have never seen a human levitate anything but part of me thinks if a spirit can do it, and a human is a spirit with a body that theoretically it is possible highly unlikely though as the amount of effort one would have to put in. I can barely move a toothpick floating in water and it takes a lot out of me so I can imagine the amount of TK it would take to lift something and float it would be immense. Go ahead and read this
In this they tested a known telekinetic on Stan Lee’s superhumans and found surprising results. I also thought Biosynth had TK but I could be confused with someone else.

Levitation would just be an extension of telekinesis. I believe you could though it’ll be difficult.
If you can perform telekinesis, pyrokinesis or anything like that then you could learn to levitate.

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I performed telekinesis once when I was 15 y/old, in fron of all the class and the teacher. I think they are still finding a way to clean the trauma. I used invocation of my oui-ja spirit “guide” to do it.

When I was around 24 I performed a kind of half levitation using Yoga powers. My friend staring at me who I was on my foot-thumbs for some seconds, are still talking about it and they say I was levitating.

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I have never seen others do it, but according to the book by Konstantinos called summoning spirits, there is an Angel called Chassan that can teach you rituals to manipulate the physical manifestations of air and if you master them, you can levitate by changing the air pressure above and below you :slight_smile:

If you really want the motherload of powers, go through Franz Bardon’s initiation into hermetics book up to step 8 successfully, then begin using the cosmic letters in his Key to the true qabbala, and you’re talking not only levitation, but teleportation, and a whole slew of other powers and abilities according to Bardon!