Is King Paimon Reaching out to me?

I’ve been working through some relationship weirdness. My boyfriend and I had a spat and then both hit some turbulent times in our lives. While it’s not over, it certainly could use some reconciliation.

Over the past five weeks or so, I’ve seen movement through my workings - I did the 2nd ritual from Magickal Seduction earlier this month, candle work, and summoned Prince Amon, drawing a sigil on the back of my target’s photo and sleeping with it under my pillow.

For some reason I felt like there was still a little more I might be able to do. Out of nowhere, a moment ago I received an email for someone with the name Payman. Struck by a thought, I came here and immediately saw a post regarding King Paimon. I am wondering if this is a sign from the great king to reach out and perhaps work with him to influence my lover.

Does this seem likely? Or just a coincidence? I wouldn’t want to step on any of my other working’s toes? Has anyone else ever received a nudge from an entity in a similar way? Or is it usually more explicit?

Sounds like a good, solid sign to me. I’d roll with that and start researching him. This is pretty much how Azazel came into my life, through synchronicities. :slight_smile: