Is king paimon harmful?

Is it safe to summon king paimon and work with him? Will i get possessed or something? i’m sorry, i don’t mean to sound rude or ignorant, i’m just curious.

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Nothing is safe.


i mean, yeah. but still…

If u think that way, then don’t.


what do you mean?

King Paimon is safe if you are courteous, and respectful. He is a demon King older than our species. Don’t be rude or ignorant and you’ll be fine.


are there any specific precautions i need to take?

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Precautions? Not as such, imo. No more so than any other ritual. It would be good to have an offering.

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what sort of offering? and is there a specific way to summon him?

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Call him KING, thats important.

As for offerings, they’re not essential, especially in the beginning. Idk I would try to contact an entity first and then do an offering, not the other way round.


Okay…so how should i go about it…? like from the beginning?

The forum already has so much info on King Paimon. If you search, you’ll find anything you need to know about him.

As long as you’re respectful, it’ll be fine.


Wine is always good. Draw his seal, chant his enn. Offering a candle and incense is great too.

  1. Hit the search button
  2. Ask any question you might have that HAS NOT been answered before
  3. Take the commenters’ advice.
  4. Stop worrying too much

Depending on how you approach him or treat him he is either safe or unsafe, that goes for any entity. My meetings with him were more like a “Hey Paimon what’s up” and vice versa lol.


King Paimon helped me open doors to buy a house, increase income etc… He gets along well with my husband because my husband believes in doing the work but sometimes needs a push of luck or a door being opened in his favor.


I believe a person has to put in the work if they want magic to work, it isn’t call them ask for stuff and wait. It is doing the best you can while they help open doors, give you insight to complete the goal or even ideas.


Well, I guess I’m one of the deluded teenagers then. :joy: Maybe you’ll find another entity that might be more helpful to you, good luck with that. Not every entity is great for every practitioner, and personally, I appreciate other people’s viewpoints if they contribute something constructive and interesting to the topic. Nobody needs to agree all the time. However, one person’s disappointment doesn’t automatically negate other people’s positive experiences - such an attitude is self-centered and utterly unconstructive, because as of yet, you have not been declared The Absolute Authority On Everything, so your viewpoint is just that: your viewpoint, not universal reality. And the fact that you felt the need to insult others who have had great success with Him just because you had none, is exactly how a teenager would react.

Maybe, maybe not, you can neither prove nor disprove this speculation.

You can love Him or hate Him, nobody cares, but there is absolutely no need to insult people whose lives and experiences you know nothing about just because you’re frustrated.


To be fair beings have free will to deny coming to you no matter what you offer. That’s why it’s best you not rely on entities to get your work done. My only contact with entities is to form bonds. I’m someone who can rely on my own energy and skills to get what I want done with minimal to no disappointment.


King Paimon is very wise, call to him with respect, you will be fine, its normal to be a little scared at first, even he understands