Is King Paimon and Sitri two good demons to work with?

I want to have two demons to work with even though I haven’t evoked/invoked anyone yet but when I do I want to have pretty much two sides like (Central Power and Love/Lust which is pretty much want to make females fall over me and also want to you know yea… But I also want to be way better at sex if you all know what I mean I just want to know if I evoke/invoke one of them every other day if that’s possible with me cause time alone is very thin but all in all would they be good Demons to work with as I am new to this I’ve been learning more day by day I want to be prepared

I apologise if I’ve been repetitive :black_heart:

Sitri is a spirit for lust indeed. However, King Paimon has no interest in love affairs.


So if I were to work with both then i would have to evoke them at completely different times ?
Or different days ?

No, you can summon them at the same time if you wish, I just wanted to point out that you shouldn’t ask King Paimon about love affairs.


Okay thanks appreciate it

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@Manosman is right, King Paimon has absolutely NO interest in love matters.

“I have no interest at all from this feeling called “love”. Actually, I hate love matters.”

@Mutants - Here’s an article I think will help give you more insight on King Paimon -

King Paimon Speaks


@LuvAndras78 Thank you I will make sure to read it I feel like I need more on King Paimon Before the evocation even on Sitri .

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Here’s a couple more things you may find helpful:

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