Is killing with magick too advanced for a beginner?

How hard is it to extinguish a human life with magic? I thought it would be relatively easy to do but after six months my victim is not dead, although their temperament has been slipping drastically. Not in the position to know much about their personal life but I assume that has something to do with it.

Should I continue charging the sigil every few days or do another exercise to build upon my power? I will be working with the necromantic book by dante as soon as I receive it, but in the meantime I would like to advance elsewhere

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I think you are expecting too much. When you curse someone it doesn’t manifest in their immediate death. It can manifest as disease, which takes time to do its work. When you send a curse, you need to release your desire for it and let it alone. It seems to me you are too caught up in the emotions. What method did you use? Just a sigil charging?


Evocations initially, and now just routine sigil charging. I have been trying to not think about it at all, using the law of certainty I know he will die. I am just wondering if there is some way to gain more power so I can have more immediate results. I want to be able to kill very quickly and I am hoping Dante’s book will help me achieve this.

To summarize I am wondering if I should abandon my sigil charging and focus upon other pursuits. It seems like it might have a diminishing returns effect.


I would say leave the sigil alone and let the curse you’ve thrown do its work. Every time you dwell on it you are taking power from it. I don’t think you can have immediate effects from a curse because the curse has to overcome the target’s will to live and that is one of the strongest drives we have.


this is a theoretical question… for example, if Michael stops the sigil charging towards that goal (kill the victim) but start another with a different goal such as “make the victim poor*” or “lose his friends”

it is not directly going into the notion of “killing the guy” but it is about harming him and in a way that could indirectly speed the process of killing (because getting into pooredome and loneliness it kind of kills the will to live, at least for a moment) or it is something that should be avoided completely?

it may be pointless to ask this, but I’m asking for future aplications

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Can you get into trance states?

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Very good idea Gnome, would like to have someone else chime in on that.

trkl, by trance states do you mean the theta gamma sync? Of course. Rapture, not so much.

I will stop charging the sigil then. The only reason I repeatedly charged it was because it was written in Baneful Magick. I think after the law of certainty revision that book has some errors in it though

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 I will say that I like EpicGnome’s concept about attacking indirectly other aspects and parts of the subject’s life (i.e. financial troubles, loss of social/community support, etc…)  I recall a ritual that I did last spring for a financial prospect and I only targeted one aspect of it, and as far as the result, it was totally successful yet there were other factors that I neglected to take into account which in the end, caused the situation to NOT turn out favorable for me.  For that particular ritual, I was working with a specific sigil belonging to an entity (from E.A’s writings) and did an initial ritual, and then from there I charged/opened the sigil every few days after that and burned incense on my altar to the entity for a favorable outcome.  The result was relatively fast (under 2 weeks time) but was it due to the subsequent charging of the sigil that made it work…perhaps yes, perhaps no.  That’s a much harder question to answer and for that, I’d say to modify the ritual workings that works best for you.

   Now as far as killing with magic and getting ‘fast results’,… well….let’s say that if my target lived in a 3rd world country with high unemployment rate, high crime rate, and a vast number of political rebels roaming the country side, then chances are that my subject may face his demise relatively quickly.  I did a ritual to kill an enemy (who is related to the ritual that I did last spring mind you) and went through the steps and to be honest, I haven’t heard of anything happening to him as of late but this subject does a lot of international travel so that, along with several other factors (poor eating habits, lack of regular excersize, frequent travel to 3rd world countries) all play into the ‘Sphere of Available’ circumstances that could befall my enemy.  Do I wish that he die right away, YOU BET!! He caused me and my family a great deal of emotional and financial stress.  Will re-visiting the ritual or doing more stuff to fortify his demise speed up the result?  In my opinion, I would say no in this case and recently I changed my mind on this from what E.A. said in his podcast recently.  To summarize E.A.’s statement, (and if I get it wrong or mis-interpret what he said, then someone please correct me) if you’re going back to the ritual and doing more with the idea that ‘more is better’ then maybe you haven’t poured all of your BST (Blood, Sweat, & Tears) into the initial ritual working.  Or perhaps you haven’t released all of your emotions within that initial ritual and you’re going back to fortify it.  

 I think that if you do the initial working and put all of yourself into it, along with having a spirit of expectancy that your work WILL succeed, then I believe that you will not have to re-visit it the issue again.  I will say though that a good portion of your mindset is KNOWING that IT WILL succeed and that YOU ARE THAT LIVING GOD that can cause major change in the physical world, and other realms as well.  That I think is something that I, and everyone else here strives for and we’re all at different points in our path to achieve that mindset.  Yet knowing it, and believing it whole heartedly is where the rubber meets the road.

Though I haven’t killed anyone with this method I have seen the results within days of doing this. I would consider candle magick for obtaining this. Feeling a direct connection with a wax effigy of the person and allowing your emotions to take hold stabbing it repeatedly will give you quick results. The E book and Baneful Magick go over this ritual and I know you can make it work for killing someone. Both times I’ve used this spell the victims began to have bad luck regarding financial problems, losing their jobs, getting sick, and battling depression. They will die eventually but not after they have suffered enough. One is in prison for life while the other is battling drug abuse. Death is only a way out and why should they be given that option when you could make life a living hell for them.

Also you should never doubt yourself and don’t forget about the law of concealment.

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This thread can be “killed” guys. After reading Dante’s book I have no more questions regarding procuring the death of a victim. This book has changed me without performing a single ritual. “A seed must die before it grows” is a quote I always keep in the back of my mind and now it has taken on a literal meaning.


Be sure to post results of Dante’s rituals. I’m intersted to see how they stack up against those found in Baneful Magick.


I disagree with karma. Often completely misunderstood. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hmmm. I respectfully disagree.

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Okay that’s great but we do ask people not preach their morality as to why black magicians on here cannot do a thing, whether it’s because it upsets the baby Jesus, because of threefold law, or whatever.

This thread is 6 years old, as well. :slight_smile:


Can’t be but so old if we are still talking about it

If anyone wants to practice their baneful magic skills, PM me.

As for beginner and advanced, I’d say it’s similar to other forms of magic.

Is killing with magick(sic) too advanced for a beginner?


Using Magick to kill a deserving shit-head isn’t too advanced for a beginner! How do you think beginners advance? By trying to do stuff they thought they couldn’t! And it’s so liberating! (But beware the boomerang effect.)


P.s. That said, I’d never do anything to upset the baby Jesus. Just saying.

I have heard that there are things that you can do in energy magic to make that happen quicker.