Is Jehovah stronger?

I have a question and would like to ask people that I believe can answer me

I have a friend who is a white wizard, and he uses Jehovah’s names to restrain the spirits and make them do what he wants, and indeed he can, and when he can’t, he can conjure again and torture the spirit with salt. and holy water. Why can Jehovah’s names constrain such powerful spirits as Bael or Astaroth? Why can’t the opposite happen? for example how to use the name of Satan to make angels come and obey Is Jehovah’s Name More Powerful? Is Jehovah More Powerful?

I have this doubt until today a spirit sent by Bael to attack me and purify my energy, when it attacked me, the effect resonated in my head and everyone fell ill except my father, who is totally dedicated to Jehovah, and no cursing spell done by others hurts him.

thanks for reading


As far as I learned it through visions from certain Angels, Jehova is fallen. He became human being and developed to the life of Christ.
He gets born, dies and is repeated until idk.

Nobody has to believe me, but
that’s what I experienced.
‘‘God became human’’ as some Christians told us.


You just posted a very interesting post at a very intersting time so precise for me it feels like synchro.


In my opinion, it really comes down to individual belief.

Power is very relative in the spiritual realms. There are angels in this universe far more powerful than Satan, and there are demons in this universe far more powerful than Yahweh.

You could, theoretically, constrain angels in the name of Satan, if you truly believed that name held the power and authority to do so.

However, as EA’s first experience with King Paimon, as described in Works of Darkness, illustrated, it’s not necessarily the godnames that hold the power, but the magician’s Will channelled through the godnames (some godnames do have power of their own though, due to centuries of use by magicians).

Belief is a powerful force within magick. Your father’s unshakeable belief in his god protects him, unlike most Christians who merely pay lip service to their god, while not living by his tenets. A Wiccan who truly believes in, and follows, their God and Goddess would have similar protection.

The Path of Devotion is a valid one that holds considerable power, and i don’t think it matters much which god one is devoted to.


In my experience, spirits love to roleplay the beliefs of people.


Like the collective momentum thousands of believers can bring to any thought form.


I think my background in LoA teachings shapes my beliefs - consciously I believe we shape our own reality however I believe we shape it by whatever our subconscious mind believes and the trick is to get the conscious and unconscious mind to match up then viola - sorted. So if you subconsciously believe that Jehovah is - then Jehovah is gonna be in your reality. At least unless you change that belief which you may not have been aware of till now. But now you are - which is perfect IF you desire to change it. Or not - work with it or against it. Personally I would choose the path of least resistance just cos it’s easier. But for someone else things might be completely different if they hold a different belief subconsciously


I think @DarkestKnight has it. About the centuries of use giving power coupled with belief and intent. Much like power can be focused through a wand or staff.
I would note though that forcing any entity to do anything is extremely disrespectful and can be hazardous.


I asked this question to two (ex) friends (a few hours ago) black wizards, they offended me, got angry, blocked me and one sent me a Hebrew text that was probably a curse, because I started to feel bad, I called for Astaroth then and I asked her to send the curse back to the exact person who sent it and protect me from future curses, then I felt nothing more


The three main churches put more power into the church and use their deities as a means to keep their sheep penned. The churches will do what they can to squash any dissident that gets in their way. They’re so large though, that generally those who stay out of their site won’t be noticed. I’d say they’ve bastardized the origins in their “living churches.” They can’t even agree what their heavenly afterlife is. What’d the leaders of those churches want is for them to have all the power in the afterlife and the rest be servants and slaves. They certainly like you to grovel, SURRENDER, etc a whole hell of a lot. Any adversary is shamed and sent to an ever burning lake of fire which makes no damn sense. Why not just destroy those who don’t follow? I guess from heaven they get to gloat over those burning in the flames. They say they’re good but perhaps they’re more sinister, vile, and outright evil than those they demonize. Every Christian I ran into that talks to someone who’s down on their luck, relationships, etc… turns into a huge preying WOLF toward that person. Very predatory to get you to surrender immediately. Their god Allah, Christ, Jehovah, Yahweh etc are kept in chains and locked away more than likely. The priests are running the show along with industrialists and governments. Maybe they were egregores all along.

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The power comes from you.


I agree @Xendrath
The powers is within you…a beings name has only the strength, believe and magic of the person speaking it…

Yes there’s hierarchy between some…
I find my bond with one interacts with others so even if I was to call on another they would dictate due to hierarchy…

Doubt comes from within as does our power…

Power is developed in your level of faith. Whenever I am being challenged by spirits, I call my power back to myself and declare out loud openly with an affirmation. “You cannot hurt me or others. I am protected.”

It’s the strength of your belief that measures your power. So I believe from many experiences in the past.


Hiya OP! While belief tends to open and close doors, I like to call it the first and last step, it’s far from the only thing that matters in magic. If you’re questioning your father’s unaffectedness, divine on the question, or just ask Bael why he didn’t get hit; it’s possible his energies didn’t need purification, despite opinions on his beliefs! :slight_smile:

As for why this can happen, it’s less about the specific spirit (since just like humans vast amounts of spirits can share the same name) and more due to the human patterns as they relate to magic. Taking the linear time angle into consideration, the older a magical pattern is, the more traits it has ‘of its time’; even if you adhere to a current practiced throughout time (take the dual observance of St. Cyprian as an example), the successive generations and their iterations of the magic build on the overall manifest-ability of the current, despite it having a distinct root. This also accounts for the power of ancestral work, both in the physical and spiritual senses of the bloodline. In other words, modern made magic systems don’t have as many energetic imprints of the current time as, say, shamanism. TL;DR- someone with no skills at magic whatsoever can still operate longstanding systems, often to at least some affect, whereas more contemporary strains are more dependent on your skill in using them.

Practically, this means that just because your friend can use Jehovah to control demons, doesn’t mean someone with skill can’t use the Flying Spaghetti Monster to destroy/seal off his connection to his power source. Belief isn’t the only factor in terms of power or skill, but it does help for getting out of your own way. :slight_smile:

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This theory of mass believe empowering “thought forms” breaks down when you consider that people in ancient times were able to constrain spirits with YHVH or Jesus name before there was a billion Christians.

I disagree respectively, this would mean hypothetically that If I had a Superior believe in myself above all other people as the best mage/wizard in the world then everyone else would be the weakest as a result.

If believe was the defining factor of power.

To me power is not relative, it’s definitive. There are those that have it and those who don’t and never will.
(in regard to spiritual, mental and physical power)

There are various powers in the Universe and they are not equal, they are Hierarchical.

Symbols and spirits can embody or represent these various powers in respect to their hierarchical placement, and humans can use them to tap into those powers through training and initiation.

I do agree that the path of devotion plays a role, but at that point its not at the behest of the devotee but the spirit or god in question that the power or “effect” comes about.

In my observation and experience, the universe is not subjective or chaotic and random, it’s in fact very structured and hierarchical, because of this fractal nature “as above so below” some powers are closer to the earth, anciently known as “Sublunary” spirits and others are more Transcendental.

So it could be the case with Jehovah that it symbolizes or partakes in the Transcendental powers and therefore exerts more authority over the Sublunary spirits. I personally don’t think it IS the top of the spiritual hierarchy of power, but that it borrows from it.

This is the spiritual element in magic in regard to the individual and his/her relationship to the cosmos, then next comes the Mental and Physical.

Yes it very well can, but the physical matter is not empty and dead before magician picked it up and projected his power through it.

On the contrary, matter is imbued with both Physical, Mental and Spiritual energies/attributes.

This is proven by anyone who trained in the Hermeticism of Franz Bardon who spoke of the Electric and Magnetic “fluids” that all matter can possess, or those who have studied and practiced Alchemy.
(like myself)

Matter is not dead it’s vibrant with all kinds of powers, “matter is alive!” as the animists would say.

That it’s Spiritual attributes, we are already aware of matters Physical attributes, next would be its Mental.

This comes in the form of it’s symbolism. like Gold color symbolizing the Sun and possessing the spiritual electric fire just to name a few. These symbols play are large role in communication to our consciousness the occult powers laden within.
(these symbols likewise are not subjective, but are Archetype and Universal.)

So in conclusion, the cosmos is structured, matter has purpose/attribute and when a focused and trained being utilizes these powers holistically Mind, Body, Spirit the miraculous takes place within their respective hierarchy, the human mind when perfected residing at the top.

Thank you. :rofl:


That was very well put. I will ponder this before replying. Also, I love Putin and Kim applauding you :joy:

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That sentence makes no sense to me. How could you have a “superior belief” above other people? You belief is only effective in your own subjective universe, not anyone else’s. If someone seeks to impose their universe upon you, such as in the case of baneful work, your Will. powered by your belief, comes into play.

I must disagree respectively with this too. In order for power to be definitive, there must be a standard measurement, and to my knowledge, there isn’t one. A demon king is powerful within his sphere of influence, but not powerful outside of it.

In my opinion, most hierarchies are imposed externally.

That hasn’t been my experience so I will again have to respectfully disagree.

It is an interesting point of view nonetheless, and very well thought out.

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Also well put. I noticed a lack of applause from the communist dictators, though. :joy:

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That happens when you disagree with dictators. They rend to shoot you rather than applaud. :wink:


To be fare; Putin isn’t officially a communist dictator.

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