Is it wrong to want power?

I recently started wishing that I didn’t need spirits to help me. I wish I could do everything myself without the need for the entities to help me. Is this wrong?


Not at all. Its called being self sufficient.


No. It’s the primary goal of the Left Hand Path.


I would say you never actually needed them in the first place. Accepting assistance is just a more efficient way of getting to where you ultimately want to go.


You are a spirit. Asking spirits for help is like asking a more experienced and skilled sorcerer. Like mentioned before, your ultimate goal in magick should be doing things yourself.

But nothing wrong in working with spirits and choosing that as a path. It all depends on you, your goals for yourself and how you prefer to work.

If you wish to do things yourself, then collect the necessary information and start practicing until you master it. Nothing wrong with that at all of course.


I think in some cases it’s better to get spirit assistance, like wining court cases, or getting you money back from someone, it’s just safer than facing it yourself and getting in disputes with people that sometimes result in fights, rape, murders :unamused:


No, not at all. We all have our own ways of doing things and should go in the direction that we deem most beneficial to us. If that is what you want to do, go out and do it.

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Power comes in many ways. In a business, friend, work or personal setting (gym, yoga, martial arts). Power that tilts towards a self-gain cannot be deemed wrong. You’d best be surprised that the person everyone wants to be is the most “baddest” form they can envision themselves to be. Because it’s powerful.

This is where we rehearse concerts, arguments, confrontations, acting all dramatic and shit in the shower. Yes. Power.

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In the end It is all You anyway, the entities are just different aspects of your true self, besides things get done much quicker when you have a helping hand in this grand illusion. Power is neither good nor bad until you use it.