Is it wrong to call more than one Goetia Demon for the same?


Tonight I was gonna evoke Haures to kill a man who has tormented my family for years.
I already called Leraje for this a couple of months ago. It has been working nice, binding him, plus I’ve been working on this with a lot of other spells and rituals.
But as Haures is more about accidents, I figured it would be a nice adding for Leraje to team working.

Anyway I’m new to Goetia and I was not sure if this could get Leraje angry at me, so I decided to use a pendulum and Tarot for an answer.

Leraje told me not to include any more demons in this. He seemed quite jealous about it. Not really angry, but good jealous, protective or even inspired (queen of Cups).

Now here’s the question:
The man who tormented my family for years is only one of a group of three, and I’m working to destroy all the three of them. And it’s urgent to get rid of them.

so I used the pendulum to ask further if I could add Haures to any other of the baneful working in which I have been working. And the answer was always a no.

If I put a Demon on a death working I could not put another for the same mission, because it would be like a lack of respect or lack of confidence on their powers.
Even if Haures has a more specific way of working.

so…is this true?


No…and didn’t you already ask this question? :thinking:


Normally, if you asking spirits to achieve something for you, I have found one can use multiple demons if they are given specific tasks that achieve the overall goal. This prevents clashes in my experience. But since the spirit in question has made it clear that he is unwilling to work with others, it may be best to observe for now and see if he achieves what you ask him to do. If he does not, then proceed as you see fit.


there is no right or wrong in magick. Just results. Think of it this way. you hire 2 hitmans without their knowing. It means you don’t trust them. =o) how would you feel if someone hire another for the same job you got hired for?
If i ask many demons , i wouldn’t ask each to kill using that same word kill. I would ask different torture curse yet leading to same goal. kill is too vague. you got illness, losing job, sexual incompetence, losing attraction, homeless etc… And each demon have different specialty so each one will curse differently. If you ask all demons to kill using just that word. That’s just redundant.

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Really helpful answers
I’m gonna call the spirit for causing hardcore accidents, and avoid talking about death again and again

I had ask this in my intro post, but now I know I hadn’t really get the whole point.
(weird how being in a stressful situation messes with one’s reasoning)

Thank you guys

Or on the flip side you could put out a bounty like in the movies so they all know they are working towards the same goal and reward.

Sorry just was a funny thought I had when I saw your post. I read it and immediately had memories of one of my favorite movies and it made me laugh.

Not useful here but, made me laugh.

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