Is it worth getting a teacher for magick or is it better to teach oneself

Ever since I got in to magic always wonder if I’m making progress in my practice who would my progress go if I had some guidance so would it be worth paying for classes to help with learning magick or would be best to stick your head in book work through magick trial and error? I was also hoping anybody has any feedback from the class BALG that would be great.

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Before you think of this, ask yourself first, What do I want? What do I want to gain from this?

It’s needed. Don’t think it’s fascinating, it’s interesting, it’s cool…if those are your reasons I don’t think taking a class is worth it.

You should find a potent reason, and you will be able to answer your own question. Because you’ll know if you need more or you’ve had enough.

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Honestly, I think it depends from person to person. I myself have been self taught my whole life. Although, there have been some moments when I’ve asked my ‘colleagues’ for advice or help on certain matters.

At the same time, I’ve had friends who’ve taught others and brought them into the craft. Some of their students became adept super quickly, and then sort of scampered off to do their own thing. Which I think is personally wonderful.

There are also those, who become hindered by having a teacher. Mainly because everyone learns differently, and sometimes progression becomes stagnant when it is expected you do something in a specific manner without catering to you personally. There are also those that can become a bit to confined on their mentors methods and teachings, which innately causes a lack of flexibility in their practices and thinking.

I would like to note that I myself have never taken the BALG class, so I don’t really have much of an input on it. However, much like the comment above me you should take into consideration what is beneficial to you, and is it necessary for you to advance further in your own magickal practices.

Teach yourself first, there’s way too many cases where someone who has not developed their own foundation is insanely susceptible to just copy and pasting their teacher’s beliefs. You’ll just end up like those people who are like “well this person told me this and I experienced it the same”

that’s called frontloading, many teachers will do so aware or unaware that they’re doing it. Once you reach the end of solo practice/learning then seek a teacher (never pay for a teacher in my opinion, because you’re basically paying for someone to tell you their beliefs…which is legit like paying someone to tell you what they ate today…) but anyway when they teach you when you have a foundation you can build on your existing foundation, compare it what you have learned, change, keep, or completely discard certain previous beliefs if the new ones you have learned improved on the foundation.

Solo practice/learning isn’t always 100% solo because you can seek out people to confirm things for you, basically divination, scanning, research, etc. You can do that while walking your solo path, bu make sure to keep out frontload and bias as much as you can.

So tldr: solo foundation first, mentor building later.


Well depends experience .i star early in life mostly was wicca, and new age, i wish to pay money to someone to gime advice, i see a lot of peopls who want to learn but not basics. Wrn i asked on my city to teach, 2qestions,u experience on magik. If new is a big not. If knw same i may advice. After tat. I may charge u for 1 hour. To save you time, and money. U be surprise how many peopls to claim sorceres, and are not knowlge, or mix a lot of stuff. So paying is good. Sometimes.