Is it wise to work with Lucifer and Azazel?

As a beginner I work with Lucifer and had very good experience with him. Last night I envoked Azazel with candles, the sigil and youtube music (his enn).
I have a few questions.

Is it wrong to work with both entities?
Is youtube music good for envoke and invoke or is it distracting?
Do i need a dagger for envoking spirits?
How can I speak for advise to them (I only feel them but cant speak to them)?

Great combo. If anything, Azazel advised me to work more with Lucifer than Him. I understood why, so I did.

To speak to them comes in many forms but it’s best to train your senses so it’s perceived by the Mind’s eye.

You don’t need a dagger, or anything alike for that matter — these are monumental items that resemble importance but they’re miscellaneous… they’re only necessary if that particular ritual requires it.

There’s all different types of YouTube stuff to choose from. Enns, Mantras, Ambiance… I like the sound of rain and thunder, I slightly turn the bass up on my speakers :wink: — Behemoth-X has some good shit. I rate that guy.


I’m a beginner and lucifer seem to give great answers to all questions and is applicable, Azazel doesn’t like me much

Out of curiosity, do you know why he does not?

I stuck my nose in other peoples business and he didn’t like it, called me useless

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Hm, that is interesting. I haven’t had any problem with Azazel personally, but that does not mean everyone has a similiar experience. It is something that tends to be forgotten, not everyone is going to get along with the same spirits. Hence why it is important to trust one’s gut.

Nothing wrong at all. In regards to working with them at the same time, I would trust your gut. I cannot really say beyond that as I have not worked with Lucifer.

That really depends on you. I like having ambient music but some people rather have silence. I would experiment with both and find what works for you.

A dagger is just a tool for focus, much like a sigil. You can evoke spirits without it if you wish.

There are multiple mediations to help develope your senses over time. I have one here. You can also explore different systems of divination to help serve as the medium for communication

Id rather have him not like me than lying to me pretending he likes me. He makes contact with someone and later on decides not to like that person anymore

Not much different than how people can be really, as it comes with getting to know them. I had a similiar experience with the Dadga when I was exploring the multiple Celtic systems. It happens.

Thanks for the advices


When calling on demons especially, be aware of parasites and other negative spirits to be hanging around, i call on an angel to protect me and i cleanse the space afterwards, happens rarely though

I usually perform LBRP and establish a barrier from impostures prior my own rituals, with a bit of salt water cleansing afterwards as my ritual area is also my bedroom. I haven’t had many problems, but I do have an additional technique to deal with parasites. Not that I have had any problems from the demons themselves, but other things can always try to slip in. But I believe we are derailing the thread at this point.

Not at all.

Of course!


Definitely nothing wrong with working with both of them
I think they work great together

Azazel and Lucifer works/worked together to a point that some people considered them the same being.They work very well together.

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That doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you. He simply doesn’t like you sticking your nose into other people’s business, and to be honest, you really ought to curb that - it’s asking for trouble, more trouble than it’s worth.


I work with both at the same time. They’re excellent and are fine to be worked with together.

It is funny how your post just came up for me. I am starting to work with Azazel and Lucifer. So far I have no indication that there is a problem with this nor why there would be.
But like stated above, it’s all personal experiences and you may experience something completely different then another and this is ok! Just listen to what you feel and do what feels right to you. :slight_smile:

That’s perfectly fine