Is it Unwise to Make an Offering to a Demon?

I don’t think it matters, it’s really up to your form of practice. Some people do, and some don’t.

However if you do choose to give offerings… It’s unwise to give one UNTIL the demon/spirit has successfully done their work. Least in my opinion. So offerings should come after the spirit has delivered.

I personally don’t do offerings anymore. Least not as a requirement. Every now and then I will do a piece of art dedicated to said spirit as a form of appreciation and continued friendship/etc. Kinda as a thanks for working with me, and continued hopes to work together/maintain friendship.


I’ve found gifts to certain spirits, helps them appear to me in a more visual manner. I guess that is helpful.
Ronove even stated “hey, that is the way that works, you want to see me, make some offerings” I’ve been doing mostly food offerings.

Its not a deal, its just gifts, cause I like giving stuff away and watching beings show up. After the uselessness of a lot of masses and other religious and spiritual crap I have done, it just seems real amazing. I mean, you could make a religion out of it even if it didn’t do anything else. (not that I care about religion, because Belial told me I don’t need it.)

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