Is it Unwise to Make an Offering to a Demon?

Hi. The other day, on a server, somebody advised me never to make any offerings to a demon. I know that you don’t HAVE to offer them anything, but I always did in the 6 or 7 times I have called one for help and there were no problems whatsoever. Gordon Winterfield seems to encourage it in “Demons of Magick” (which is what I have been working from). On the other hand, I felt that the person who advised me did seem to have a point as well.

So with this in mind, I’m interested to know your views on the subject: is it or is it not a good idea to make a demon an offering when approaching them for help?



It’s not a bad thing


Never listen to armchair occultists only practicing ones, and just avoid wiccans. That’s my best advice.


Why would it be unwise? They deserve recognition or an incentive too


You already answered your own question. Why should a stranger’s opinion make you second guess your own lived experience?
Always trust yourself first and foremost, I say.

Maybe they did… I don’t see that you told us what that was here though? Do you remember what their reasoning was at all?


There’s nothing wrong with making offerings to a demon. If anything, it’s one of the best things you can do for them.


it’s not an offering of sacrifice. I think that’s what the person you interacted with meant. it’s a thank you or reward to fulfil my request. that’s what i consider the offering. It’s not a bribe or sacrifice offering. think of it like a bonus for doing good work.

most of the gom books use offering as a reward. they often suggest to offer after the request is complete , not offering as incentive for demon to fulfil request but as thank you/gratitude. some of the offering can be a thank you. It’s not hinted to be sacrifice type. I think the person that advise you have different definition of offering.


Gordon Winterfield goes into more detail about this, explaining from GoM’s standpoint, that you are a generous gift-giver. Emphasis on the word gift, rather than offering. It puts you in control and as master of the evocation, rather than the other way round. He goes on to explain that it creates a good bond and makes the whole thing go much smoother.

However it’s not seen as a bribe, nor a way to goad the demon into working faster. Think of it as more of a bonus.


There’s Alot of forms of gift giving, sacrifice, offerings…I don’t see anything wrong with giving these Awesome spirits a well deserved reward for good service. Keep it within reason though and I agree with the above posters.

You’re the boss in the relationship.


Yeah intuitively this was what I felt as well.

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This was the actual advice: " I was describing the traditional approach to operations in the Solomonic tradition, not providing my own advice. The Solomonic tradition leans heavily on premodern (Judeo-)Christian notions of propriety and purity, according to which one must not make deals with demons because it is thought to imperil one’s immortal soul. That being said, my own advice would be that it is a very bad idea for most people to be making deals with demons, whether that involve sacrifices, food offerings, or even good words said of the demon after the fact. If you are not properly balanced, making such deals can further imbalance you*, and if you are properly balanced, then there is almost never a need for such deals anyway."

Yeah that’s not advice, it’s regurgitating something they read, like a good little armchair wizard.

Personally, I find the Solomonic method has no honor or respect. It works because you as the operator is a creator being and in charge of your universe, and it gives you a way to believe that, but it does it by giving away your power to other entities, to control more entities in a coercive, hateful and unenlightened way. It’s relies on the propaganda that certain entities are ‘bad’ based on the hearsay of people with vested interests in controling the people that formerly looked up to them as guides, protectors and gods.

If someone at work badmouthed a guy you’d never met, would you assume he was right and help him get the guy fired, or would you go and ask the guy for his side of the story?
You know who does that? Narcissists vying to control your opinion for their own benefit. Not yours, and it’s every time, because decent people just give you truth and let you make up your own mind.
Follow the money and question the agendas, always.

So, it’s super simple, use your own power and discernment, gain skills with energy and think through everything realistically.

Work with an entity and find out first hand for yourself. Don’t make any “deals” ever. These aren’t needed. You do the working, set the patterns - IF it works out, you might feel like making an offering in thanks because you got the help you wanted, but you don’t “pay”. Same as if someone does you a favour, you might get them a bottle of wine as a thank you. That’s just being nice.

If at any point you don’t get what you want or it’s not working out, then maybe that entity isn’t for you to work with. Never worship, revere, devote or pray. Approach as equals with mutual respect, expect respect and give it. That’s my philosophy and based on personal experience of these beings as real people, worth treating as people, through their feelings are not always like ours, and works very well so far.


This is such good and helpful advice. Thank you very much.

Technically the answer is already given, do what’s right for you.
If you look at it from a societal perspective, having someone do something for you and not get credit or form of gratitude for it, they not going to be happy.
Might not work with you again, might cause you drama etc
Just being thankful, is already an offering, if not the most humble one, Is it not?


Yes this makes a lot of sense.

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I was gonna say the same thing. At some point during evocation, you look at the demon’s seal, say it’s name, and visualize the offering. As has been said, you are under no obligation to give anything, but your offering is a gift, not a pact or payment. You give happily to your loyal allies and, when the demon has performed the task to your satisfaction, you evoke again and give the offering, concentrating wholly on offering the sensory experience to the demon and thinking of nothing else. The demon enjoys the offering thru you because you have called and invited it and given it permission to latch onto your subconscious. You give because you can and it’s a nice way of saying thank you. You will be seen as a generous and powerful giver that is to be respected, obeyed, and trusted. It helps foster a good relationship and rapport with the demons you work with. The demon doesn’t resent working for you and fulfilling your desires anyway, they like there to be purpose to their existence.


Offerings are tokens of devotion, or signs of respect and can be given out of gratitude. I don’t know why giving offerings to Demon would seem unwise.

If your friends or relatives visit your house, you offer them food or something to drink right? Why then should this be any different for your Demonic Guests?


Yeah this was what I was thinking and why it kind of threw me that he said it. I find it almost rude to just ask for help and not do anything to acknowledge it afterwoods.

I think the main reason I questioned it was that he seemed to have quite a lot of knowledge, but as others were saying here, a lot of people are armchair enthusiasts.

I really like the way you and MademoiselleV have explained this. Thanks, both of you.

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More often than not I think it’s the wisest thing a human can hope to do in their lifetime.

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