Is it true that when thinking about a spirit they think of you?

If I thought about Satan he is thinking about me? I heard it somewhere and would like others to confirm if it’s true or not.

If I thought of Lilith is she thinking about me?

So what I’m asking if I think about any spirit god demon angel that means they are thinking about me? I don’t want to debate anything I just want a simple answer if I think of a spirit are they thinking about me

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When thinking about a Spirit they don’t think about you ‘like that’ but your thought could attract them. So it’s almost the same as saying they think about you.

At times when the thought of them is strong you’ll attract their energy/power and this will make them come or they may choose to send a servant or disciple to you.


Lol not really, I think that’s some silly spirit keeper mumble, it’s even with people here that people turned into a quote “if you’re thinking about that special someone it means they’re thinking about you”

if you’re thinking about Lucifer, it does not mean he’s thinking about you.

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No.That would imply a powerful, famous spirirt cant think about anything but humans.

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Lol no wonder Yahweh doesn’t answer prayers he’s so bombarded by human thoughts wanting things sinning etc never being able to think for himself sends his angels to do his bidding his angels think for him because he can’t think for himself he’s angry promises a paradise to anyone who worships him as a way to benefit himself so he’s never bombarded by human thoughts ever again and as a way to defeat Satan
It’s a joke but it makes sense to me

Oooo kkayyyy