Is it the real deal or delusion?

The key Q is…
How does one know if they are conjuring a legit spirit


Especially if they are using a sigil


The answer to that is gonna be done in a separate thread. Patience. :slight_smile:


I find it better that once you find the legit entity have them infuse their energy into your sigil and that makes it a legit sigil. Mainly because for example the sigils tied to the Goetia I highly doubt are tied to the real ones given many have created egregore versions of them so weeding through the fakes can be done and when you find the real one do what was mentioned above if they allow you. I had to weed through fake Lokis before I could get through to the real one, requested he charge my self made sigil and that helped in reaching out to him and not one that may share his name or the many cringy ones created by LGBT tumblrite lokeans, no offense to any LGBT people myself being considered the G in LGBT lol.


Here is my answer

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@Faustus @Lady_Eva

I can’t answer one way or the other, because technically, the answer is both. It’s all fairly kabbalistic, but the Goetic spirits are both external to the self (macrocosm) and an aspect of the self (microcosm). So when the spirit shows up a certain way (excluding the ‘imposter’ situation, which stems from a lack of surety or faith in one’s abilities), the spirit is both an external being and an aspect of the conjurer calling it up.

TL;DR: Spirits are internal as much as external, because as above so below.


That’d make pizza deliveries awkward. Slip up and call the pizza man a demon.

Them: “Excuse me?”
You: “Nothing–you look like my cousin”


Hermetic, more, kabala is a later arrival. :thinking:

That non-physical beings appear looking human or animal in form, with robes or crowns, seems so natural to people that no-one blinks an eye, because it acknowledges our primate sense of hierarchy and order. That’s pretty funny, because it’s just as much a niche obsession as clown attire.

There was a time when forged metal was a radical new technology and elaborate garb available only to the few, no real consumer market such as we have, if someone in your home or village couldn’t manufacture a thing from raw fibres and wool, or hides, you could not have it.

And then for a long time sumptuary laws tried to suppress the rise in supply, as well, a rise accomplished by the hard work of the entire population trying to build a better future, by attaching a moral aspect to consumption (a trend that’s arguably on the rise once more, as millionaire jetsetters with multiple homes preach carbon-neutral austerity for the masses).

Frankly if I had to deal with the kind of enquiries so many people seem to have for these mighty spirits, I’d probably favour clown attire over regal robes…

Though I do agree with the informative post this poll spawned, so I’m not trying to nitpick. :clown_face:

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It’s actually both. We still need to fully recognise how utterly real the imagination is because consciousness is the only reality.



“I eat. I fuck. I shop. I slain. I am good.”

Its called the divine Fool for a reason. He isn’t really part of the tarot. He is outside of it. Maybe you should look more deeply into this topic yourself.