Is it that sometimes magic just CAN'T help? that the powers of the parties are too strong to be influenced?

Just reading a blog post elsewhere where the author says something to the effect of “magic is not a way of asking for something to come into your life that could never be yours” and then uses the example that a love spell will never work on someone that loathes you, that if you are going to make someone love you the potential for it had to at least exist.

Intuitively this makes sense to me as there zre lots of things I think about as being something that would be nice, like when I hear Adele I think about how nice it would be to really be able to belt out a song like that, but that aren’t realistic.

So this brings me to my court case which I have not had anything good happen on despite my effort. I have always known in the court matters I was at a disadvantage because I am an outsider and there is a small town loyalty at work which is why I tried to use magic to at least level that playing field.

I was going to try calling Seer tonight to end the current matter swiftly through a motion I filed. I am almost out of time so this is the last thing I can do before matters take on a momentum of their own and if that happens I am going to lose because it doesn’t matter that I am right, it doesn’t matter that the law supports me, it only matters that I am an outsider and I can’t win against a townie because they won’t let me.

Is it possible that minds and hearts are sometimes so stoicly stuck in a thought pattern that a demon can’t change them?


Contrary to the opinions of a lot of people on the LHP, demons are not omnipotent, and sometimes they cannot move the immovable.

Remember, your targets have a will just as you do, and if they have set it against you and dug their heels in, it can be very difficult to change their minds, though not completely impossible. It’s one of the reasons why fanatics are pretty much immune to manipulation magick if you try to go directly against their will. To be successful, you have to go around their will, and make them believe that your goal is actually their goal too.


“ To be successful, you have to go around their will, and make them believe that your goal is actually their goal too.”

I think that’s a pretty profound statement, could you give any examples?


Using magic for anything is essentially a formula. In order to power spell (A) you need (X) amount of energy to inact the change. What you want to change determines the amount of energy necessary. So if you want to make woman (A) fall in love and she doesn’t hate you then it will require exponentially lower amounts of energy than if you tried on woman (B) that thinks of you as trash.
If you are asking a demon to loan you energy for this undertaking (B) it may not be that they don’t have the capability. It is more likely that they are unwilling to expend the energy necessary to transmute feelings of anger and hate to those of lust,love and trust.Then continue doing it everyday to keep the spell active.

My personal belief is anything can be accomplished through magic. However we don’t always have the necessary amount of power and energy to manifest the result. It’s not that magic is limited it’s that we are limited by the amount of it we can wield.

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@ObsidianWarrior There are entities that can force someone to be with you for example, but I don’t know if demons do this. Lower entities can do that though.
I have never asked them for this but I know they can because I have seen the results of other people (how they made other people become zombies through ‘love’ magick, how they forced people to be with them. Specially crazy women that wanted to force some junk men to be with them).

@Leizl what did you do? Belial is good with law/court issues and he can probably help you. He is also excellent with manipulation.

Seere speeds up the magick or process that you ask him to.

Paimon can also help with manipulation but in my experience not in the same way as Belial - they work differently.

I asked Eligos to get the case dismissed. For some time it has been asserted by us that the plaintiff filed their proceeding too late and that the statute of limitations has run out. The judge basically ignored us and everything we filed and the hearing is rapidly approaching so we filed a direct request for the matter to be reviewed along with a request for a continuance. The judge denied the continuance, for no reason, literally no reason, she said basically hearing will go forward as scheduled…she didn’t say “just cuz” but she might as well have. That was when I realized she was actively against us, not nuetral. Because not continuing it means she is going to half ass the research required on the motion and rule against us. Because the hearing should not be able to happen if there is a possibility that the statute has run, that is a matter to be settled before anyone uses resources on a hearing. And if she isn’t taking our motion seriously, it is because she is already intending to give it all to the other side.

I called Seer according to the Demons of magic description of his being able to make someone rapidly decide something in your favor. I am just about out of time, if the judge doesn’t rule for us by Tuesday its all over and we are just going to settle for the large unfair amount they want because the time and expense of traveling out of state for a hearing we are going to lose isn’t worth it plus they will just tack their lawyers fees for the day on which will be at least another 1500.

I am peaceful about it at this point.I asked, if for some reason it turns out to be impossible I will find a way to exact retribution. The turmoil these legal matters has created for my family has to end.

Magic can’t help against stronger magic.

Yeah, I am sure that magic is subject to stronger magic. I am very confident that I am not going up against a small town coven of lawyer/witches and judge/witches though.

If anything I am just running up against a way of life that is passed through generations. I have to imagine that has a lot of power. The small town thing creates a lot of solidarity. I was watching this show about how Ken Rex Mcelroy got shot in Skidmore MO and most of the town was there but they all just banded together in silence and to this day no one has tattled on the men who shot him. Over 30 years and they all just keep the secret.

Dealing with these people has been bizarro world stuff. You know how things are supposed to happen, how rational sane reasonable people work, and every time I am floored by how they just have their own set of rules and I wasn’t given the rule book.

I’ll just PM you ok.