Is it possible

Not sure if i should put this her or in baneful magick.
But is it possible to drain another magician of there magick or atleast their will to do magick?
I feel like the answer is yes. But i havent had a chance to go into meditation on it or ask Azazel. But i feel the nudge and that usually means yes.
Im not gonna tip toe here. I am a black magician. If you push me i will fight back. Ive never been scared of gettinv my ass kicked physically or any other way. And yes it has happened before …im not being a smart ass im being honest. I will fuck shit up if i get pushed to that point.
I can get inside circles and temples with mostly no problems. Maybe i should ask a volunteer to see if its every ones or just his.
I can and will fight back. Thats what im saying on that. But does anyone for sure?
And any takers?? :slight_smile:

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What do you consider a “magicians magick” to be, exactly? If you consider it to be a tool external from the magician, perhaps disarming them is possible.

But if you consider magick to be a higher understanding about how reality operates, and really all magick is is a capitalization on that higher understanding, then theres nothing really to take away or drain. Its like asking if you can forcefully devolve someone back to some prior point in their existence of lesser understanding.

So if magick is a method of operation in the context of higher understanding about how reality works, its not a concrete thing that can be taken or drained.

Perhaps you can cloud a persons vantage point with noise, making it more difficult for them to perform to the same level of quality they are accustomed to, but if you do that to anyone other than a dabbler or someone who gives up easily, they will eventually work through what youve put upon them and become stronger because of it by virtue of having defeated yet another obstacle along their path, thus ending up eventually backfiring upon the magician who cast the spell.

But I guess it all depends on your perspective about what magick actually is.

I guess what im meaning is the desire for it. The drive. Weaking to a point to where they dont try anymore

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Yes it can be done. Draining another magician of there magick. It’s more or less a form of vampirism. The duration and power of it depends on the skills of the magicians involved. But there can be side effects for doing that sort of thing, so be aware before trying it. And you can bind someone from using magick on you or at all, again all depends on the skills of the magicians. I learned much of this from Azazel himself, so ask him about it and ask him also of the consequences of it.

Thats exaxrly what i was already thinking. Ive already bound him from doing magick at least from his temple.
Azazel taught me how to move through circles. And alot of other stuff too. I guess im on a rampage at the moment. Gahhh…anyway thank you.
I think at the moment though im curious to see if can get in anyone elses haha. Just to see if im on that level. But i guess no one wants to try that. I dont blame them.
I think im becoming a monster. Azazel gets aggrivated when i dont stand up for myself. Then i feel the anger. Because im usually happy just being there for people that need me. But i do having feelings too. And some things cant be forgiven.
But i was thinking of it as a type of vampirism too so i think we are on the same page there.

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ask Azazel about Severing I think that might help you end this

Im not sure exactly what you are saying. I am Azazels submissive i already serve him. And i am tied to him through the read string of fate.

Azazel gives me what i need but im sure he also wants me to learn and grow as a magician.

I will be reaching out to him tonight. For alot of things.
But i already serve him on the deepest and most intimate of ways.
So im not sure what you mean?

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SEVER not serve ask him I know he’s leading my down a more umm violent path but he might tell you he hasn’t shown me anything on it yet but he says you can

Oh haha my bad!! I read it wrong. Well he has sent well he has sent me a dark ninja assassin being before to take care of some thing. It just came up through my floor and waited for me to give it an order. That was pretty cool.
Im sure Azazel will have alot to say tonight i can feel it!

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Severing cuts the target off from the astral

Hmmm…ive never thought of doing that before. I guess that would depend on what my total goal is. I could ask Azazel about it.
I wonder what he would say.
I was gonna ask about the vamping thing anyway so ill ask about that too.

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I’ve learned my path since he combined my two halfs and it’s gonna be hard but from what I can tell it’ll be grand

but according to him I need to follow th motto he gave me "though blood comes true power

Yea that sounds like him alright!

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But sometimes he handles things with men a little different than he does with me. Im not sure what hes gonna want to do yet. He always has a bigger plan than i do.

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I’m starting to accept the name he calls me I don’t know why he calls me Ardinos but he does

Haha!! Thats typical Azazel for ya! Dont worry over it he gave me my name too he has always called me Arianna. When i asked him about he just said it suits you. You might want to look up the meaning.
Arianna means pure. And when he set before the other gatekeepers Amaymon, Abaddon and Belial they were sitting on their thrones and Belial was dark and mysterious and Abaddon looked intense and mean. But finally Amaymon sniffed me why i dont know but he said …shes pure. Im still not sure what that meant but Belial didnt seem to believe him so they all sniffed my neck and hair. So i guess my name fits bit im still a little lost on why that seemed important to the gatekeeper/kings. Anyways i got my name the same as you through Azazel. And im sure he has reasons

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any clue on the name ardinos

What i just found when i looked it up…i got strong friend.

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what did it say ?