Is it possible

Is it possible to give Lucifer someone else’s soul in exchange for something that you want

No, but everything you want lies in your hands. It’s your will to put it in as consistent as you can; it takes physical and mental keynotes of success.

Probably not what you expected to hear but these you should work on: patience, ambition, hard work, persistence, discipline, sacrifice, focus and a whole heap of failure.

With these avenues practiced, it leads to a whole heap more. The world is as abundant as you make it. If you want know the truth, subconsciously most if not everyone possesses the capabilities to be of great importance that’ll occupy their lifetime but they don’t because they wish not to make their existence make others feel small. This is the truth. We are all the “good” guy in our eyes, we always have to blame someone. There always a “bad” guy, right?

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This question rests on the erroneous assumption that Lucifer is interested in souls. He’s not.

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Yes it is in theory -

You would have to convert them though to Luciferanism. This is what its all about imo - conversions - souls = gains. Gains = powers (the dark side).