Is it possible we have astrology wrong?

Conception date vs birth date? Interesting, it not only moves you out of the birth sign but also moves you out of the class, assuming 279 days before your birth. For instance, you might be born under a kerubic class but concevied in a cardinal sign or mutable sign.

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Well, considering that very few people can pinpoint the exact date a child was conceived, this strikes me as an over complication. You’d be lucky if your parents could remember the week let alone the day, unless that day was particularly significant in some way (especially since conception can actually take place up to five days after sex).


Traditionally your birth is viewed as the time you officially ‘entered’ the world. So for that reason the stars in that moment is considered to predict the rest of your life, and it sets the position for all the Houses of Heaven in your chart, so the Ascendant is considered to be when your soul entered the world.

But in truth, it is chosen to be that way simply because it’s more practical. If you start a branch of astrology that takes follows the time of conception rather than the time of birth, or whatever time you think the soul enters the body (Some think it enters 40 days after conception), and it grows a bit, in a few years the lives of those born under that system will follow that system.


The idea was from reading a Shemhamphoresh Astrology book, and looking over the angels in the 72 decan cycles.
Sort of a counter to the Goetia.

One description struck a cord with me, and it was exactly 9 months back.

Did not know about the 40 days for the soul, but that makes sense in a biblical way.

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If it feels significant for you, I’d say go with it. You might find out the exact reason why later.

The Norse say it’s something like at 9 weeks when the spirit comes into the unborn baby. Every culture is different, but that’s about the time a heartbeat can be heard and most cultures understand a baby is viable as a feeling spiritual being much earlier than the final birth date.


Still, not a bad idea to me to explore, be the pre born self as a mask.

I believe that is taught in Tibetan Buddhism.

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