Is it possible to write a petition for your own powers

And not for entities? Has anyone here tried it?

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I always use my own powers :woman_shrugging:

May ask for assistance but I am the one in authority in my work?

I just develop ‘my’ powers with discipline and practice over time

I imagine you could petition yourself?

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I thought about petitioning to my own powers but i dont know if it can work

I think you gotta understand you have them and research how to develop them… and then do it

But for me, that would be how I petition myself tbh I think :thinking:

A petition is normally a letter to an entity.

Both from an animistic point of view, and in terms of you ‘powers’ being your higher self’, yes you can author a petition to yourself, because you are an entity. You have identified what you want to call this as your powers, so go with that, I think it will work just fine.

The main thing is your intention when you write it - intention is what directs the energy flow.


Yes you can petition your own power, just as other people can evoke you you can petition yourself.

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Ima try this I think :thinking:

See what happens

How did It go?