Is it possible to torment the dead?

This is very unlady like. Oh well.

The “hoodoo” in me says to visit the person who has his ashes.
Take them with me into the bathroom. Put his ashes in the toilet.
Put my petition on a piece of toilet paper and put it in the toilet over the ashes( I might have to use only part of the ashes to prevent an overflow)…
Take a large dump on top of the petition paper and ashes.
Wipe my ass with a piece of toilet paper with his name on it.
Then flush it down into the sewer.

It will make me feel better.:wink:

And I can always use the rest of the ashes for something different.
Easy to put a bunch of ash or something in the urn. No one will notice.

I haven’t decided on anything yet. The above is definitely on the list

Can You explain that a bit, What Kind of Cycle? ANd also ’ Start and End ’ ?

You are fucking with cosmic forces. You creating a needless karmic cycle for yourself because you feel like it.

It doesn’t bother me in slightest, but most other people find them annoying and a self made prison.

This isn’t a human shit either you can just start and quit. No. You have to see this through to its end.

@Purple. Obviously you don’t know much about hoodoo. To carry out what I posted is a very appropriate response to the situation.

If I wanted to use such a “recipe,.” I would have no need to ask the questions I have on this forum.

I appreciate your concern,but lighten up. Read the post again, You will detect the sarcasm.

Perhaps you are addressing the comment that asks you to explain by @Goku?

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I was responding to other forum member. And not you. They asked me a question so I was answering it.

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O.K, Most folks here don’t believe in Karma And Generally have ’ The Universe Doesn’t give a fuck about good and evil ’ attitude. By Karmic Cycle Do You mean I have to go there In this life or the next and Settle the account stuff ???

Well, HAve been many Good posts here, Don’t have much to add. Just wanna say You are not alone in this kind of situation. I also Have to settle account with my family members who have Hurt me and my loved ones just for selfish Interest and I am Sure They won’t start crying If I show them the effects of their deeds, As was the case for someone who posted here.

May be will take Your path someday.

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@Purple Gotcha. If you read the very last line of my self-righteous rant, I realized my comment was way off base. I should’ve just deleted it. MEA CULPA.
Note to self: No BALG posting before coffee.

My take on karma isn’t the good vs. bad kind. More like a universe energy measuring system. If you keep in with this lifetime and time stream no energy kick back.

You start killing people in other time streams there will be ripples. It is more cause and effect thingy. Trust me when I say there is a price to pay for it. A deep one too.

Alchemy, It is the scientific technique of understanding the structure of matter, decomposing it, and then reconstructing it. If performed skillfully, it is even possible to create gold out of lead. However, as it is a science, there are some natural principles in place. Only one thing can be created from something else of a certain mass. This is the Principle of Equivalent Exchange.

This anime beautifully highlights my point in energy exchange price to be paid.


Yea, Law of Karma was supposed to be In it’s First Incarnation by the Samkhya ( Means number in translation ) Philosophy That - if the cause is right the right effect is bound to come. Not a punishment reward system -.

As you stated that there will be ripples, As long as it is not harming me there should not be any problem. ( As long as you don’t mean that If I kill someone I hate there I will lose someone I love here, THE FMA STUFF )

Nevertheless Glad U referred to a FMA link, Still remember watching the first episode, gave me goosebumps ( I think the episode was about SCAR )

You are fucking around with different people’s incarnations and their own karma. Its better to train the people done wrong and let them take care of it then you.

The ripples can be minor to cosmic level shit. You never quite know how it can play out.

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