Is it possible to torment the dead?

Is it possible to torment a family member who is dead? Or any dead person,really. My situation involves a family member. I just found out how horrible he was. I am not going to get into it because it is too long and it just upsets me.

And I don’t want to hear any thing about karma,please. I don’t believe in it.
If you believe that dark work must be “justified,” this is it.

Is it my job to inflict pain upon an abomination? No. But I am going to do so anyway.

And I need to make sure it doesn’t bother me. Not backfiring, I mean literally.
This person’s blood runs through my veins.

I am sure I could come up with something baneful. I might just be seriously pissed off.
But it never hurts to ask those who are more experienced than me.

Any advice and instruction is much appreciated.



I am in a very similar situation with a relative. My recommendation: Vent off your anger and resentment. Fully! Perform whatever magick/ritual you think is necessary. I bring up those nasty memories in my mind and put them in front of her soul. I can see her weep like a spoiled 4 y/o stupid kid! Show them the pain they have caused.

Will their soul suffer? You bet your ass! Fuck Karma! You are only bringing justice upon this Multi/Uni verse. You are just leveling the balance. My point is don’t keep your pain/frustration/resentment inside. Send to it’s corresponding origin.


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Ive heard stories about being able to torment the dead via necromancy. Calling them up and binding their spirit to an object so they cant pass on. But idk how possible it is. Seems like you should consult a necromancer.

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@Chostard Thank you! I’ve been doing plenty of what you suggested.
Need to do a bit more. Or a hell of a lot more!

And since I live near where many of my ancestors are buried, I am sure they will like to join in the fun. They HATED the man. Should be interesting.


Hey maenad,

The whole point of this is for YOU to achieve peace. I don’t mean to forgive nor forget. Just that you are able to get rid off those nasty memories/feelings. Eventually you will! And you’ll move on…:grin:

Some years ago a person that caused a lot of harm and pain to my family and I passed away. This person was in a plane of a lot of suffering (don’t know if the proper word is Hell). He(his soul) saw the consequences of his acts, and was begging me for forgiveness. I did. I have been very at peace and those painful memories don’t bother me anymore.

I am hoping to achieve the same result with my recent deceased relative.


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Yes. The same way you curse the living.

Their body is dead. So you can only torment their spirit with direct negative energy. Fear, horror, pain etc Not with events that would cause those energies. That’s the only difference between cursing the living and the dead.

As far as I know, not all spirits can help with that, only the ones who have access to the underworld or afterlife. Gods, Goddesses, Angels stc

Make sure you banish and protect, for obvious reasons.

Hope that helps,

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I’m fairly experienced with necromancy, and everything I’ve found points to the fact that once some is dead, they’re dead. The soul they build up throughout life persists for a time but soon fades and loses its form.
Said soul does continue to reflect the person, to an extent, but it’s not truly them. You could use the soul for something, but that’s about it.


My UPG says the soul soon becomes “mindless”, it is them but it’s not them. They lose the memories they’ve build up, it’s only a normal process for reincarnation, something that can be overcome partially or even totally only from Adepts after several cycles of incarnations. It’s like trying to torment someone who doesn’t know you or what you’re talking about.
Probably your best bet is to reach their Higher Self and maybe you manage to convince them not to reincarnate.


@PrinceX Thank you! It does help.

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@Anassa Lots of things to consider. All of this information is helpful.

Maybe I won’t go to the cemetery tonight and work up a total rage and speak with the relative who hated him the most?

I will wait until I have another plan that will include the dead in an appropriate manner

I have spoke with the dead before. One time, I spoke with someone who was murdered at a specific place(not were he was buried).Something reeked havoc and I was very pleased with the results. All he wanted was a beer and a cigarette.But it wasn’t a family matter.

Dead family members often will tell you “no” if they think it is not good for you.
At least that has been my experience.

@Biffa_Bacon Never thought of what you posted.
Definitely something to consider.
Thank you!

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@Chostard I hope I will find some peace.
It will be a very long time or possibly never will I forget what this person did.
Forgiveness is unthinkable right now.
Maybe in the future.

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@Chostard I hope you find peace in your situation as well.

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Find them in other timeline or other lifetime and take them out that way. I have done that plenty of times myself.

Word of warning it will create a cycle for you to start and end.


Same as with any other Entity we summon, what we get is only fragments of them and never the totality of a spirit. The soul of a dead person is more…abstract though. More fragile if you like. They did went through the experience of death, which is a great shock for the soul, especially if they died in a horrible way or they died with a great desire or worry. That’s why they keep talking about the way they died or the things they left unfinished.
Experienced necromancers (usually) respect each dead soul equally, as they’re already in a great suffering caused by the shock of death.
So it’s pointless to try to torment the soul, the best revenge would be to keep them away from the gift of life.

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@Anassa. Could you elaborate more about “the best revenge would be to keep them away from the gift of life.” Or point me in the right direction(book,etc)?

I have never considered this and have no experience with such a concept.

@Purple your suggestion is quite a brain teaser.

I have never heard of that method,understand it,or even how to begin to such a process.

“Find them in other timeline or other lifetime and take them out that way”

If you have time,could you please go into a bit more depth?
Not asking for a recipe, just more information.

Fascinating concept,indeed!

I can talk to my other versions of myself in different lifetimes when I was freer and more of a bad ass.

I can shown them the people that are a problem and they will take care of it for me. Or find the people done wrong, teach them how to fight and let them get their own divine justice. It is what ever works in the situation.

This timeline bottom of the barrel and full of worthless entities. Don’t judge other earths or timelines by it.

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Yeah you can bindingly evoke them and burn 'em with a blasting rod, same as any other NPE (nonphysical entity).

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Bind their essence to a spirit pot or vessel and make them your slave with the help of a death deity. That’s what I would do. Which reminds me, I have several souls to collect…