Is it possible to switch genders during spiritual sex?

Me and my gf have recently learned we can feel each other’s presence and be sexual. We’re in a long distance relationship, found out a couple nights ago we can feel each others presence and be sexual with each other. I can’t feel it as well as her but I can feel some things. A night ago I found out by testing out if she could feel having a penis and she can and can also have make orgasms too. Since I can’t feel it as well I was wondering if anyone can explain this better to me or guide me to more info on it. She can have sex with me like if I were a girl and her a guy but I can’t feel it like that, even though she can. Thanks in advance for any help and info!

Astral sex yes, but spiritual sex is a bit different, you can create stimulation even with parts not there, they wont actually be spiritually there but you can use energy to simulate it. So yes and no, yes she can or you can simulate the sensations of having the opposite sexual body part but no you don’t really spiritually change genders.


Thank you I was so confused on that. You’re andwer has cleared it up for me.

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