Is it possible to request help with multiple tasks from an entity?


So, the name of a thread pretty much sums it up. If I do an evocation and ask an entity for one thing, is it okay to do another evocation on a different day and ask for another thing? Won’t it cancel original request?

I.e.: I did an evocation of Tzadkiel and asked Him to help my GF get a payment rise at her job. My intent was also to do another evocation, to ask for a favor for me personally - to improve performance of online ad campaigns (by adding a bit of luck to it), since he is strong with fortune matters.

So should I wait for result to manifest before I ask for a second one or find another entity, or it’s fine and will not weaken or cancel previous request?

And second question: how broad in general my requests can be? I.e. when working with multiple projects in the same field, should I evoke archangel multiple times to help with each one, or asking of general improvement for all the projects in the field will be sufficient?

Thank you very much guys, any answers will be much appreciated!

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You can ask for as many or as few things as you want to ask for. The spirit will take each request individually unless they are somehow tied together and then they will tell you that. You don’t even have to do separate evocations, you can just ask for it all at one time. Just be sure to listen for each separate answer though, The spirit might say yes to one thing and no to another, or tell you you can’t have both from them.


Thank you very much!

Alas, I can’t hear them (yet), so I stick to the rule “treat any evocation as if it was success already and see what happens”. Asked Raziel for help with that and trying to do some meditations, but… Only high-pitch sounds of different frequency yet, no voices or pictures.

Anyway, thanks again! It makes total sense. Then I’ll proceed as planned.

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