Is it possible to raise yourself from the dead as Jesus supposedly did?

So I’ve been thinking about this lately, and i was curious to know if raising oneself from the dead was something within the realm of possibility through the left hand path. From what I’ve read of Jesus and his miracles, they largely seem like things which you could find a spirit from a grimoire to do, but i have yet to come across anything in a grimoire that would allow a dark magician to raise himself from the dead if he/she wished. Is it possible? And if so, how would one go about doing it?


just thought id bump this. More likes it gets, the more likely EA will do a video about it…and im pretty curious

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Since I’m just randomly putting around the forum at the moment, mind if I take a crack at it? I think it kind of relates to what I wrote yesterday in my reply to the video “Ushering In The Apocalypse”, so check that out if you want to, but I’ll break it down here in relation to your question.

Firstly, my automatic simple answer would be Lich. Make yourself like a Lich. Otherwise, how the bloody heck could one do it?

You as a living human being, are made up of information. Blood Cells, DNA, Internal Organs, Bones, Air In Your Lungs, Thoughts In Your Brain. Break it all down to the simplest and smallest of levels, deeper than Atoms and Particles, far below what we currently in science can justify as matter or energy, and there we find “Information”. Less than binary, for what makes that which is binary?

Have you ever played with Lego Bricks as a kid? Take one Lego Brick, and let’s call that little piece of information a Spirit. Now take several Lego Bricks, several Spirits, and build a Giant Lego Brick out of it, and let’s call that a Soul. Next, make several Giant Lego Bricks, and build a Lego Brick Wall with it. If the Lego Brick Wall is a Soul of several Giant Lego Bricks, then is each Giant Lego Brick a Spirit and or Soul, made of smaller Spirits and or Souls? If we treat the density of Spirits and Souls as relative to perspective, then we must treat the creation and existence of the structure of Information as such also.

So what then, was or currently is Jesus made of in terms of Information?

Jesus is anatomically a Human, either a White Guy or a Black Guy or a Middle Eastern Guy. He’s supposedly the Son of God, so maybe later we’ll have to come to terms with what exact information a God is made of, but for now we focus on Jesus. Jesus has a Holy Spirit within him, and this Holy Spirit is made up of its own Information, of which the miracles of Healing and Environmental Events can occur by one’s Divine Will acting with its Power in play. Supposedly, by believing in the Holy Spirit, and in Jesus and God, you too can even rise from the dead if the political parlor trick was ever needed?

However, you’re not asking about Jesus as a currently living being walking the Earth, are you? No, what you’re asking about I assume, is the fictional character from a book called The Holy Bible, correct?

Let’s take what E.A Koetting has done with The Necronomicon as an example. Upon reading the book, he built a Huge Black Mirror to act as a physical representation of an idea called “The Black Gate”, that was at its source, brought into manifestation through applying Alphabetical Letters onto Pieces Of Paper, read by a Human Being, stored into what I assume is the basement of his house, then recorded onto film during a video, of which I watched, by which I am now writing to you about it. Information, caused Information to further occur, to manifest and continue creating and expressing itself eternally.

A relatively equivalent phenomenon has occurred with the written information of Jesus. People dress like him, talk about him, react with all of their living being to the perceived ideas about him, but it’s not a him, it’s an IT, it is information from a book. Jesus, is but a written word, as is the words describing his resurrection abilities. Jesus, exists right here right now, as a piece of information, a Soul of five alphabetical letters, each being a Spirit, J-E-S-U-S. Now look at just the letter J, what is J made of? From the perspective of this computer screen, Black-Colored Light Pixels, made of light wavelengths, made of energy, made of the same information that exists to create the words Ham Sandwich.

Is Jesus also a Ham Sandwich? Not if eating pork is a sin, but then again, these letters aren’t made of pork now are they? So what if I went to the butcher and purchased enough Pork Tenderloins to spell out the word Jesus with it? Is then Jesus the total sum of these Pork Tenderloins? Is Jesus existing in Sin? Starts to get silly now don’t it? If the same basic Information creates and exists within all things, All Information Exists, then surely there must be several forms of Jesus existing within all that would be Jesus-like? Jesus the Man, Jesus the Son of God, Jesus the Ham Sandwich, Jesus the Pork Tenderloins, Jesus the Computer Text Letters.

So then, let’s take a look at yourself for a moment. Your Information In A Physical Body. You are You, and I am I, I assume we are both Human Beings, but completely different looking with different health conditions and lifestyles and thoughts in our heads. Right now, I am inputting the information from my mind, into a computer, that you are absorbing by reading it. You just extracted my information into yourself, just as I extracted your question into my mind, which caused me to type this, which causes you to receive the information. Information creates Information. Ritual thus, can create further Ritual Experience. Read, so that you may Write, and be Read, and be Written of, to Read Yourself Once More, and Write Yourself Eternally. This is where The Black Gate gets interesting as an idea, a ritual, and as self-manifesting information, just as so with your inquiry of Resurrection.

If you can access anything in all of created existence, than you can further create it greater. Take your Lego Bricks, and make Giant Lego Bricks, Lego Brick Walls, to become a Lego Castle. You could add or subtract individual bricks and change their colors, even change the colors of the Giant Bricks, or you can just add only and make a Giant Lego Castle, but the information stays the same, and you still have a Castle shape, density being relative to the structural creation. The Human Body, its information, can not be Corrupted. Information, is a fixed piece of thing, but as to how it builds with other Information, is an ever-morphing structure in created existence. The Spirits and Souls of Reality that define itself, both Infinitely and Finitely, Eternally, Paradoxically if it must, but never can be Deleted or New. Thus, as All Information Exists, what you seek must also actually Exist, right here right now. You just need to access it correctly.

Resurrection, is a packet of information, and it is something you must either assemble piece by piece from the base information from all of creation, or somehow summon it to you as it already is via a pathway, much like this computer is a pathway between us having this discussion, and you are accepting my words as they already are. Technically, even Jesus could be created or summoned by these same parameters, as could all of the 9 Demonic Kings, as could really any being or object or force or idea in all of existence from all time.

On that, one must realize that although well say for example, that a Demon could be summoned to Possess your body, it can really only do so in one of two states, either compatibly or incompatibly. Your physical body has a heart, internal organs, memories, physical momentum, and so a Demon that possesses you is a foreign piece of information, it can not compete against the existence of what is already there. Two Lego Pieces can not occupy the same physical location in space time, just as Two Entities can not compete for the same Physical Body. As the struggle leads to violent suffering, as the information for both forms of existence compete against one another, something must come into play, such as an Exorcism, which favors the native entity over that of the foreign information. The same for Haunted Houses that require Ritual Cleansing to “purify” the environment, as The Old House is competing against the memory of The New House as to what was where, when it was.

If you were to include Resurrection into the existence of your Life and Death, then it can not interfere or compete against said existence. Your physical body, your information, must continue on as it was built.

The solution to Demonic Possession, isn’t then a takeover, but a hybridization-fusion that maintains the original form of existence. Density matters not, as The Giant Lego Brick is made of several smaller Lego Bricks, as the Lego Brick is made of the even smaller, and smaller still, infinitely within a finite thing that is infinitely large as it is infinitely small. Souls made of Spirits, Spirits made of Souls, Spirits made of Spirits, and Souls made of Souls. Information creates Information endlessly, as the density of it is relative as it is perceivable.

Going back to Jesus the Pork Tenderloins, a Tenderloin is just a lump of flesh. You can cook it, eat is, or drop it on the ground and bend it into several shapes, shapes that spell out the name Jesus. Those Pork Tenderloins you used to spell out the name Jesus, now contain the information Jesus, but are themselves not corrupted as Pork Tenderloins! Remember, Jesus came from a Book, that through your actions upon absorbing the information, and now it exists within a hunk of flesh that you can cook and eat! It’s the same idea with Ritual Animal Sacrifice.

You need to assemble your information of Resurrection, and apply it into yourself in a way that does not corrupt you, but rather is compatible with the information that already exists that is you. Otherwise, you could attempt to physically change yourself with Cybernetics and become a Living Machine, but as magicians, why not Become A Living God instead?

I think that E.A Koetting by absorbing information as instructions from Demons and Ancient Gods, and applying it for so long into his life, that he could successfully blend the foreign information and his Earthly information, and become something new, a hybrid creation that ascends himself. If you or anybody wanted Resurrection or anything Jesus-like from The Holy Bible, then the same, you have to gather the information of it and recreate yourself with it properly. So don’t go searching for a Grimoire on it, write your own! Write it and practice it! Just Do it, be it, because if it didn’t exist, then it wouldn’t even exist in your very question. All Information Exists, and by that, all of Creation and Existence, Infinitely and Finitely, For All Time.

This is why I said Lich. Lich works on a Magic Item that governs your existence. Basically, it is a forged item of information, your information that you control, and in turn it co-controls you.