Is it possible to put a curse automatically on everyone who is trying to break me?

Hey Guys,

I don’t know why, but in the last month I got more and more problems with the city administration or the country administration. For example, an employee of the city found weeds on the sidewalk in front of my house. So this f**** guy decided to give me a fine of 500 EUR. Similar thing with my car. There was a software update for my car, that was done. The city requested that I prove that the update was done. So did I. But they didn’t accept the paper. And not only this, they gave me in the same letter a fine of 1.000 EUR and I have to gave my plates back. In the same letter they threatened me, that if I don’t immediately bring them the plates, they will pull them. And just for this threatening sentence the city wants additional 40 EUR.

And another thing, I published the statement of financial position for my company 5 Minutes after midnight, 5 Minutes too late. And the country wants a fine of 5.000 EUR.

This and some more things came to me in the last two month. I think, I know the reason for this situation. And I can deal with it. But for every single fine there is an employee of the city of the country who waive the fees. And he has to pay for it.

But the problem is, that these people are often hiding behind their desk. I just know the last name. I have no photo and no first name.

I’d like to have some kind of automation process. Who is earning money with doing me harm, has to pay for it. Can anyone help me?

What you’re asking is achievable, but not easily and not without considerable risks to yourself.

The method is creation of an attack servitor. These are dangerous entities to make and take care of. Study well.


Also do daily shielding. I shield under the sun and ask Sehkmet to surround me with flames of protection, to burn away everything that is not working for me, to destroy all hooks and snares any malevolent predator entity has in me and finally to shield me in flame and torch any who would seek me harm.


Yes. You can ask the help of Goetic spirit Duke Valefor. Even if you don’t know people’s names or faces. You can ask that he affect anyone who means to cause you harm. You can ask him to make them unwell ( this usually distracts from you), or you can ask him to vampirize those who wish to harm you, and take the energy for himself.
A petition ritual, or regular evocation will work. The Duke enjoys Brandy also, if you wish to give an offering.


Thank you for your answer. Can you be more specific with Sekhmet? How do you ask her for Protection? I also want to start doing this!

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I go outside and stand in the sun. I close my eyes and call her energy to me. I ask her to surround me and fill me with her flames of protection.
I actually got the idea from “The Book of Soul Retrieval” by Petrucelly. It is free on amazon kindle unlimited. He has a lot of good ideas that are quite practical.

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most spirits will protect you automatically if you have a good enough relationship with them.


Yes. This is what attack servitors and bound spirits are for.

How do you obtain a good relationship with them?

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Treat them as a friend, rather than a teacher.