Is it possible to possess someone?

They have been commenting on my vids and saying offensive stuff. I always deleted the comments and reported them. Then it got worse, claiming that they could possess me with the devil, psychically rape me, claiming they knew where I lived and watched me sleep.

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The police aren’t taking it seriously because they don’t believe in psychic powers, neither are YouTube. A friend showed me this website and I think that it will help.


Here is a link to some basics. Ive learned you have to start small and build from there. Unless you befriend certain spirits for defense/offense, in which case a Pandora’s Box of options is available.

Banishment and grounding is a good thing as well.

I just wanted to share a few gems of the forum, all credit goes to the magicians who created these. I just found these wildly useful and felt they may be beneficial to you.


I’m with @DormiensDei

I’d also look into Vovin’s freezer spell for this person, their screen name will do.

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What’s Vovin’s freezer spell?

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Also the usernames are Cam NguyeN and Daha kha

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Is it possible I can track them down? I want an apology

I mean if you feel Like IP tracking, sure…

Through magick I am unsure. As for the apology you could send spells at them to make them apologize I suppose.

Erm… whats the point it’s a youtube shitposter, you are way better off just ignoring negative comments.


My feelings exactly… It would be easier to just banish if you wanted to use magick

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No they were actually threatening me with rape and death. I kept ignoring the comments but they kept adding them.

So what its not like people online actually follow through with their threats.

Tbh, normally I would agree but I have recently had someone sending threats actually stalking my house so I take it seriously.

Instead of trying to astrally posses someone wouldn’t it be easier to buy a handgun?


I live in the Uk so no handguns unfortunately.

Then some other form of self defense that is legal.

That’s an interesting question… I did have 2 experiences in which I did leave my body and entered the body of 2 other different people. However I wasn’t in them long enough to find out whether or not I could control them. It was very much uncomfortable though. You take on all their energy and having that foreigness felt just nasty.
But I was in the same room as them so I don’t know about through the internet. I just read the rest of the post.

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Pepper spray is illegal here.

Also op just ignore the shit. Probably from the other side of the world anyway.
Seriously on YouTube you’ll see that type of shit all the time. Just report it

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Wow, that sounds really interesting. How did you possess them? What process did you go through?