Is it possible to meditate surrounded with loud noises?

Like when someone blast a loud music…

Does it require very sharp concentration?

I think it depends on the person. Me—that would be hella difficult to do in a loud environment given that (personally) my mind likes to wander.


I find it easier to meditate with music or some kind of sound going on since I live in a noisy place where dogs are barking, kids and people are screaming, very loud vehicles are driving up and down - you get the picture. I’ve meditated with earplugs before now too, but I find that distracting.

Like @SagaMysterium said, it’s pretty personal really, everyone’s different.


That’s what I mean. If you have mastered meditation, would you be able to meditate even with earplug? Does mastering meditation mean what distract you from meditate won’t matter anymore?

Pretty much, if you’re deep in that relaxed state, nothing can distract you from it. One time, I was meditating in my aunt’s room as part of a circle and a mouse had come in from next door (they had an infestation) and was running all over me. I didn’t realise till I was told to open my eyes by my guides and I saw a mouse sitting in my hand. I freaked out that day lol


Thanks! I’ve found my answer now! !!

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There were times were my stress and anxiety were so high that I needed to be around loud noises to cancel out some thoughts and during this time I actually would meditate on a rock overlooking a busy highway and it would be like one of those moments in a movie where all the sounds muffle out.

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U meditate to void the noise.

Yes. It takes some practice to “tune out” or ignore other things and people.

Try meditating in a homeless men’s shelter full of mentally ill, violent, ex-incarcerated men. There is nothing but noise, arguments, fighting all the time. No privacy at all.

Yet, somehow I’m able to mediate in this chaos.

It can be done.

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I have war-related PTSD and one of those symptoms is that I can’t block out noises. They were useful when we were out in the night. Consequently, I HAVE to have headphones or something to at least muffle the sound or my mind won’t tune it out. I normally play ritual music to help get into the zone easier and reduce the noise from my surroundings.

You can train yourself to meditate during loud noises. It builds discipline.


I do it all of the time when I am working in a factory.


I first knew I had this talent when I was constantly teased as a kid. Somehow the teachers always heard me lash out at those who were teasing me, but never heard them. I would get in trouble, making the teasing even worse.

So I just learned to tune it out. Unless they laid their hands on me, I just tuned them out. And this was before I discovered meditation.

A lesson well learned that still serves me years later.

Almost daily, I meditate to drumming.

It is possible. Just do the best you can everyday. It will still be beneficial and meditating everyday is very important and good for your magick and psychic development

I never have an issue without I think it depends on your consideration

If you’re doing a meditation where you don’t need to hear your own voice then you can use ear plus and/or ear muffs as well. I haven’t tried mantra meditation with ear plugs or ear muffs but if you find it works well for you then I don’t see why you can’t do that either