Is it possible to make a place haunted for a day?

As the title says I wanted to know if it’s possible to do it and if there’s any volounteers that could help me out?

I’m having a halloween party next friday and we’re planning on doing some fun rituals just because we wanna know if they work or not. Like cat scratch, baby blue or sandman.

They’ll be scared by just doing the rituals and just scare themselves but I want to forreal scare the shit out of my friends with real spooky stuff happening like seeing shadows, hearing whispers, feeling like someone just touched you, some scratches here and there, loud bangs, ”Catching spirits on video or in pictures” type of stuff.

But I just want it to happen for a day so I don’t want it to be haunted or have stuff like that happen more than that day/night.

Is it possible? Could you guys help me scare my friends lol?

I’d recommend just going traditional and make all of that stuff happen yourself. Beyond the fact that it’s (imo) wildly disrespectful to invite a being, have them act like an asshole and then kick them out, it just seems a little…paltry.
Like, this is what you want to spent your time and ability on?


Hm, theoretically yes, if you make a place a beacon of energy, but the issue with this is you also may end up attracting parasitic entities like etheric ghouls (which are like these tar like abominations that are pretty mindless besides the need to feed on energy)

So I’d say maybe do something using your own energy.


Create servitors and have them haunt the place.


Personally I’d just set up a self perpetuating portal array and make it permahaunted, but that’s just me. It is doable, though. Fairly easy to set a field over the area that draws in spirits and gives free reign for however long.

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Hey I just wanted to have a good laugh, didn’t think much further than that but yeah it doesn’t sound that great

Hmm never done that before. Can’t get an easy sigil to work so Idk about creating a servitor but I’ve read about them