Is it possible to kill a deity

So friend brought up an interesting question. Can one deity kill another deity not necessarily done by magician or worshipper. And if so, if there are magicians or worshippers working with or worshipping said deity what would happen.


well then deity isn’t exactly dead.

I’ll give you a hypothetical. Let’s say it called worships a specific deity. Some other organization comes along with massive power behind it, and makes it their mission to destroy the deity. Say this organization pulls it off, they kill the deity. The members of The Cult could still worship and still work with this dead entity

So what’s the effect of a deity dying. Because from the sounds of it they can’t be killed.

So my hypothetical cult could just continue doing what it’s doing theoretically even more powerful than it was before

This is concerning

I think something known as a deity could flick any anything you would dream up with a hand swat.

Fighting each other they probably use tricks like avatars so if you kill the avatar… big deal.

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I’ve heard of something interesting, to kill a god you must attack their true form. If the attack you’re using can kill all avatars, or find its way straight to the source, it could very well work


Replies taken from my witnessed experience below:

Yes. There is an element of human activity needed to make it final, same as a human element is needed to do magick in general.

[quote]And if so, if there are magicians or worshippers working with or worshipping said deity what would happen.

The deities who did the killing would install controlled servitor who mimic the “feel” of the deleted form and run them, imagine some dodgy dictatorship somewhere removing the premiere and replacing her with a lookalike to slowly shift policy, instead of having the upheaval of people realising and creating (n the case of gods) or voting in, in the case of a populace, another new boss just like the old boss.


@Lady_Eva and could a magician see the difference between the authentic God and the servitor?

Hard to say, I didn’t handcraft these, this was a MASS endeavour, some of the gods who took part are listed in the original thread about it but many more spirits, some potentially unknown, also were involved - remember this thing was the enemy not just of all ascent, but of all the others spirits and forces, from ancestors to the great father gods of all peoples.

I know that what’s in place is powerful, well-protected, and intended to slowly wean people off the slavery aspects whilst keeping the GOOD that all religions have also fostered, which the troll was trying to destroy but which arose naturally from the human heart.

People who pray for their sick loved ones, for example, and make inner plea deals over things need that energy handled in a humane way.

In core shamanism, when someone suffers an energetic “wound” it’s known that parasitic entities can attack and become bedded in, so that had to be replaced and this kind of lesser parasitism prevented.