Is it possible to have powers like Scarlet Witch in Avengers Movie?

Scarlet Witch can do Telekinesis,mind manipulation, it possible in real magic what she does in movies???

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To an extent.

Mind manipulation is indeed possible. However, if you’re looking to be shooting laser beams from your eyes and bolts of lightning from your ass, you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

Becoming a magickian means that you are embracing your inner power, but it doesn’t mean you’re going to become Goku.

Affecting outcomes, influencing people, causing death or blessings upon people, these are all some of the basics of magick.

Flight, telekinesis to where you’re lifting cars with your mind, and incinerating people with a thought might be possible, but it’s highly unlikely we will ever see it happen.


From where I am from, flight is already possible. In fact, it has been going on for long before we had airplanes.

It has even advanced to Teleportation.

Then why ask if you already believe it possible. What was the point?

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I ain’t the OP :joy:

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@Illumia Oh, sorry. I had been awake for maybe 10 minutes when I posted that. Mornings you know.

No problem!

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Where are you from?

Lol idk what scarlet witch you’ve been seeing but… :laughing:


The thing with telekinesis is that the human limit for it seems to be quite low. It’s perfectly possible to push a pen around, but you won’t be lifting large objects with your mind anytime soon. I started a project a little while ago to try and work around this barrier, but I haven’t worked on it in a good while.
Manipulation of minds is perfectly possible and common place. Love spells, money magic, getting legal matters to turn our in your favour etc often involve a level of manipulation. Again though, the way the movies depict it and reality differ greatly.


The only limits are the ones we pose on ourselves. If you think and believe that way, then you won’t ever surpass the ‘limit’ you set for yourself.

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That’s a nice marketing line for balg, but it’s not reflected in reality. The physical form does provide considerable benefits, but it also limits what we can achieve in some areas. Interaction with the astral world is one of those limits. Ultimately we are bound to this physical plane and therefore must find work arounds for some of the issues that arise from that.
In the case of telekinesis, there is a limit to the degree to which we can push our energetic body through the spiritual world while maintaining enough contact with the physical plane to interact with physical objects.


I’m sorry you feel that way. I feel that one can accomplish whatever they work for so long as they believe that they can reach it when they work for it.


Are you from Wakanda?


Something to bear in mind is that action will always beat feeling. We can believe and feel as strongly as we like, but until we find the strength to acknowledge our own limits, we’ll never find a solution to the problems we encounter.
A solution requires understanding and understanding requires acknowledgment of the truth, not what we want the truth to be.


@Biffa_Bacon True, but if you understand your limits and how to break them, they aren’t really limits so much as barriers of entry to new levels of ability.

When I first heard of binding the Goetic spirits to a ring, I thought I wasn’t ready to work with the Goetic spirits yet - and I wasn’t - but I set a goal to work towards, then when I reached that goal, I started my Goetic operation. After I finish it, I have new goals already in place to accomplish.

One step at a time until you are farther than you could have even comprehended during the start of your journey. Limits are meant to be broken, and so long as you have the will to reach farther, you can find a way.

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Wakand 5ever

Wakanda… :joy:

If it wasn’t a possibility, we wouldn’t be able to imagine it. Once we imagine it, it becomes a probability. The rest is up to us. To reject it, or make it a reality.