Is it possible to have more choice in your next life?

I am not close to death however I have had a pretty crappy life and I dream about a life I could have next time around. Do you get to choose or is it all random?

Please use the search function . This question gets asked a lot and there are many threads on it.


It’s believed it can be both, some lives I remember choosing, some it was at random, through my self discovery I chose to reincarnate the time I was born, albeit I had no control over the fact my mother had all premature births (all 7 of us) lol, so I believe it can be both even down to the family, albeit I am somewhat wondering if a person would have to go through the mother’s guides/protectors/ what have you :thinking:



I apparently choose this life and it is “all I ever wanted” so far while far from perfect it is pretty good


I hope that Sabrina my dying friend gets a better life next time round