Is it possible to get third eye opened by someoneelse?

Hello everyone,

As topic name implies, can someone open someoneelses third eye remote? Is such thing possible?

I had purchased various thirdeye open services from different sellers on fiverr but nothing happened. When I asked the result to them they always told samething… “I opened it but you need to work on it…” “I opened it but put safety valve so that you wont see other beings for your mental health” etc…

It is obvious that I was scammed but I would like to know whether 3rd eye can ve activated by someone or not. If such thing is possible, I will continue to search to find a real deal to help me. Or you can even suggest me if you know such person.

Thank you :slight_smile:

The 3rd eye isn’t closed, it’s possible for someone else to stimulate it but in the end you’re the one that has to work on it. However, simply focusing on the 3rd eye won’t do anything for you, you’re more likely to get somewhere if you take the time to get to know your energy system, not everyone has the same energy system, not everyone has the same amount of chakras (major and minor) simply focusing on the 3rd eye and neglecting the rest of your energy body is bound to throw off your energy system.

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Hi Velenos,

Thank you for your reply. I have tried a lot of different things, I can summarize my efforts as;

  • I drink 50ml colloidal gold before sleep
  • Also I drink cup of gingko biloba tea daily (I add extra turmeric in it)
  • I watch one “oneness capsule” video from youtube (I don’t know if that guy is real or a scammer, at least watching that video reminds me to focus on my third eye in my daily life)
  • I swallow 1 teaspoon haritaki powder before sleep
  • I listen 963 solfeggio and also classical musics daily
  • I try to meditate as much as I can ( I’m not very regular on this unfortunately, but occasionally I can meditate)

I am doing these things approximately 2 3 months. As a result, always have a constant tingling/pressure around my 3rd eye area, even now. But nothing else happened. I don’t know whether this program is correct or not but I want to open my 3rd eye to remove veil from my eyes to see other dimensions & beings and enhance my psychic abilities.

Then you work on your clairvoyant abilities, all that you listed is nice and all but it doesn’t work out your senses.

It is possible although it’s TRUE you have to work on it yourself as YOU are the one who is needing that. Someone can do the 90% stimulation and you have to do the rest. I meditated and evoked demons without opening my third eye for a year before I finally had success.

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Indeed, it may be true not the same but a similar thing with spiritual growth. I read that on at least one occasion some people felt sleepy while talking with an adept; the explanation was that maybe it was attempted a sort of enlightenment, but “success” isn’t for sure. This may apply to third eye opening.

I see, I will focus on clairvoyance practices then. It is true that all I did was technical things listed above, there was nothing about practise abilities :sweat_smile:

I always thought that I should open it fully then try for abilities. And to be honest, I was expecting some hollywoodish experiences such as; kaboom third eye is opened and i can see different beings etc… :joy:

@feonms I guess you have already tried visualizing an indigo sphere with its core rotating counter clockwise where the 3rd eye is? Maybe even the double tornado, to get the backside of it activated as well?

Otherwise an alternative below.


In order to do this, don’t you already need at least have your senses developed a little?

@anon84896414 If it is me you are asking, I had them only slightly activated as a result of long time work with magick and visualization previously.

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Asking it from a higher demon would work but is it safe for a newbie? I don’t have much experiences with demons, I am only a Usui Reiki lv 1 and Kundalini Reiki user with no experience with possessions. I don’t want to lose arm while trying to give a hand :smiley:

Possessions are not like on TV. Many demons do not even agree to possess you and when you do get possessed they are likely to just give you an astral experience by bringing you into their world if any at all.
What their rank mean in this case is that they are more used to working with humans, that they do not need to take your energy (a smidgen) for the possession to work. For you it is about learning and for them it is an opportunity to be in our world. They will also work with you and develop you.
They say they want us to evolve. I am not sure as to why.
Check out the book I mentioned if you want to learn more from a very good teacher.