Is it possible to get sick literally after getting over your first cold

I just literally had a cold that started from the first of June and ended literally a few days ago. Recently I’ve been sneezing, have a slight sore throat and a swollen gland. Is it possible to catch a cold after having one? Is there anything I can do spiritually to protect myself?


I am on antibiotics as I write this, and I am coming down with a cold. One does not neccesarily have to do with the other. You come into contact with another strain of virus that you are not resistant to and poof you are sick again, back to back.

Spiritually, how to handle it? I don’t know. It’s a cold. I just ride them out, sleep and drink lots of water.

Yeah but my immune system has never been this weak and I’m not on antibiotics. I’ve not been around anyone who has been sick so I think I may have reinfected myself. I guess I’ll just think poisitively.

You could try evoking the virus and then banishing it.


I’m a Registered Nurse. That cold you had weakened your immune system and probably a bacterial infection took hold because the cold weakening your resistance. Go to the MD after being sick that long the MD should be willing to prescribe an antibiotic.

After you do that then make sure you take care of your body. Get enough rest, healthy foods and hydrate with water. Remember that while on antibiotics sometimes alcohol may weaken the effect of the medicine so hold off of any alcohol until your done with the antibiotics.

Somethings are really simple and don’t have a spiritual cause. Some stuff is just plain old mundane.

Take care of your self and Blessed be.


2-3 grams of vitamin c several times a day will kick the crap out of whatever ails you in most cases, no magick required.


I would still check out the MD because sometimes a Strep bacteria can gain entry to the body after a cold has weakened it. The Strep bacteria are easily killed and treated with very basic antibiotics. Untreated with antibiotics Strep can appear to go away and then wreck havoc on your internal organs and by the time it’s caught the 2nd time some permanent damage has been done. If you have access to Western Medical care go see an MD or Nurse Practitioner just for safety’s sake.

Oh and yes Vitamin C is always good it just might not be enough.


Yes. I knew someone with rheumatic heart disease that resulted from an untreated strep infection. Not something to take lightly for sure.

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It sounds like allergies …have you tried benadryl

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One trick that works like a charm for me is gargling with raw apple cider vinegar with “the mother”. Gargle and spit a few times. It kills any bacteria that’s causing your throat to hurt. Oddly it also clears out my nose. After you gargle and spit a few times take a shot of it. If it burns going down then keep gargling until it does not.
It tastes like ass but does wonders.


Thanks for everyone’s replies


The same way you would evoke anything else. Give it a form and call it.

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So true Antibiotics can help but be weakening to your system at the same time.
Get yogurts with probiotics women can get yeast infections after using antibiotics and watch medications like BC; antibiotics will void their effectiveness.

Make sure it’s bacterial too, antibiotics won’t help for straight viruses it will actually cause your system to build an immunity to the antibiotic.

Always take every pill, if you don’t it could resurface and your body will build resistance to the antibiotic so you’d need a new prescription.

Antibiotics are tricky.


For spiritual I called Marbas and he was very helpful. Others have had success with Rachael and Buer.

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I think it’s strep. Going to Doctors to confirm it. It’s weird because I have every symptom apart from not very sore throat. Everything is swollen it’s just slightly scratchy not sore.