Is it possible to get rid of a twin flame forever?

I have had enough… My ex lover ended our relationship three months ago. However, I have a very intuitive feeling that she is my twin flame. When I connect to a higher power through meditation, the God and Goddess also reveal to me that she is indeed my twin flame and we will live a happy life in the future.

How about… no…

My ex was extremely narcissistic, selfish, and abusive. The relationship was very one-sided. I used to love her, but now I don’t anymore. I want nothing to do with such a vile human being. I have tried banishing, I have tried multiple other rituals designed to get rid of an ex lover, and things were going great for a long period of time.

But now, this girl is back. I can hear her calling me telepathically as we both figured out we could communicate in this way. When I chat with her this way, she says she is sorry for all the things she has done and that she misses me. There is a deep conviction within myself to call or text this girl, and these are not my usual feelings. I am staying strong, however, and refuse to give into her.

I need advice. What else can I possibly do to get rid of this girl forever? Can you get rid of a twin flame forever? Because I don’t want her. I could never take her back.

Please… this is taking a huge toll on my energy where before I was so strong. This only started happening the past week. I just want her to stop… Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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It seems to me like lots of the time one part of a twin flame relationship is a narcist or the other part at least thinks so.

Although I think it’s not so easy when your would try to connect again, you can still make your own decisions.

But - its also part of most twin flame relationships that one part is running and the other part is chasing - not like really chasing the other person in every rate, but at least knowing, that there is something special and that shouldn’t be really over.

At first you could start to cut the contact in “real life”. Don’t talk to her anymore and tell her that this is over for you. As not every person is in relationship with his/her twin flame it might be possible to get out of it - but it’s also possible that you will always think of her once in a while etc.

Also I think I red somewhere that it’s possible to cut telepathic connections.


Twin flames aren’t always love (if they actually exist) and it’s not something that’s “destined” so it’s very much possible to ignore the entire thing.


I have cut all forms of contact with her for months now. She recently called me from no caller ID and I denied the call. I don’t talk to her at all but she still tries to communicate with me via telepathy. Do you have any resources on cutting telepathic communications? Thank you.

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This gives me some sort of hope. I’ve found that you are correct in saying it is not always love. I have ignored her very well for the most part except for recently as I believe she is trying very hard to contact me again and I can feel the energy shifts, etc.

Maybe u should consider baneful magick? It seems u want to sever from this person? Unless u don’t want to sever and am more or less trying to figure out IF u still love the person (which ur wording kinda suggest to me)

Oh sorry I thought you would chat with her but you said you chat with her via telepathy. And you can’t stop that?

I could look if I find the post.

But I think if you believe in twin flame relationships, it has to do something with destiny.

I have practiced a specific cursing ritual for three days in a row recently. It seems to be working quite well, her new lover abandoned her, she is now participating in activities that deteriorate health (casual sex, cigarettes). I do not love this girl anymore, I wish for her to perish. I am happy with my life but she doesn’t seem to want to cut ties contrary to what she has told me before…

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I agree. That’s what these higher powers are telling me. They say that we will live a happy and fulfilling life in the future but I simply refuse to accept that. And I don’t think that makes them very happy to hear as ultimately it is their decision.

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Do you think they might know more then you know? They are not more specific?

Reverse psychology, often times when we are chasing a person, that person becomes fed up, and does everything in there power to stop the chaser, what if you became the obsessive chaser? Give her a taste of her own medicine?

I was taught by my mentor to always question everything. This does not mean, however, that I do not have some faith in these higher powers. I asked to see a vision of my future, and they explained that me and my ex would be back together living happily and bringing human consciousness to a higher level. They explained that she and I had a lot to learn before reaching this point. I did not want to hear this and immediately quit meditating. Lol. It bothered me.


I like this piece of advice, and believe it would work for a time being. I was already the chaser for a few months when she left and it did indeed push her away. But I am over this ridiculous cycle and looking for a way to cut telepathic communication in general rather than dealing with this girl.

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What about Zagan?


omg… he might just be able to help. Thank you for this resource, seriously, looks like I know what I’m doing…


This is his Sigil


I was so quick to find his sigil and chant I beat you to it. Thank you kindly for your help… Seriously, it means A LOT to me…


Good luck brother, be blessed

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So it means that your planned reunion shouldn’t be so soon, right?

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My intuition is telling me that it will be within the next year IF I CHOOSE TO take that path. I sound cynical but truly I am so curious to see what happens if I do not follow their wishes… because I really don’t want to and plan on going the opposite way. I’m just hoping it doesn’t deter my true destiny.

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