Is it possible to get results from spirits even if the summoner has weak astral senses?

This is an addendum to the last topic I made about using my Astral Senses to communicate with spirits. Okay, what if I try evoking a spirit or 2 anyway and ask them a favor, but I couldn’t really sense much or hear in my mind because I was honestly feeling a bit nervous and was talking to them (respectfully) the whole time telling them my request, and I wasn’t being too receptive to anything they may say in my mind so that may be why it seems I didn’t get much from them. Maybe I couldn’t just sense them, so I spoke in a quiet voice (because I live with others and the walls are thin) asking them to appear, and then in a polite way, I tried making my request to them. To be more specific, this evocation attempt and requests were for baneful purposes against someone who I wanted destroyed, so the demons I tried evoking and requesting action from were Gorka and Keltar from the Kingdoms of Flame. During this evocation it’s possible I felt warmth, which may or may not have been a sign. I used my target’s business card which contains their face, name, and address of their business, so if those demons did appear than I would think that they should have started my request, but I don’t think I really sensed anything (though I did get a bit nervous).

So basically, my question is, does my lack of open Astral Senses or noticing or anything else mean that my request wasn’t taken by those demons, or were they actually there when I had their sigils open on my desk and requested for their presence & to take action against my target, and is it plausible that they may be getting my target right now, but I just didn’t have the benefit of seeing their appearance, hearing their voice or reply? If you ask a spirit (mostly one that just wants to fulfill a duty) to do something and you’re not good at sensing, could that spirit still complete a request?


I think you can im in a pact with belial and I can’t see him but I feel him I can mentally hear him but I don’t have my astral sense’s built up that I know of.


Yes, they can see and hear you. :+1:


I have this problem too and for a long time I was worried that things would not work, or whomever I was asking I could not connect with, it was stressing me out, but after a while I just sort of let that stress go and have some belief that it could work. Most of the time I found in my short experience that spirits find ways to give you feedback or let you know that they heard you, and sometimes do what you ask.


Try making a request thats to be done within short time, few days, a week. You will see the results.
Also, agree to “pay” them after its fullfied. Althou I don’t do that when I seek for mentorship and guidance, Belial and Lucifer for instance.


Not sure if you replied to me or the person who made this thread but yeah I`m working with those two for long term self improvement and the results have been very good.

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It was intended for the post creator. But yes same story here

Cool :+1:

Ok posible lengthy comment.

Yes you can get wonderful results with the limitations you have.

Your problem is you are doubting and second guessing yourself. That is your pitfall.

No “well maybe they heard me.” , “are they working on it” or “maybe it didn’t work.”.

Your thoughts should always be “Yes they heard me!”, “They are working on it!” and “It did and is working!”.

You can have all the power in the world, but if you don’t have the confidants in it and in yourself all that power is worth nothing.

So remember alway your confidants is the driving force. You say it is and it is done, never anything less.

This frame of mind will get you what you want and sometimes then some.

Well that is it for my two cents. I do hope it helps you.


Weak senses will make you not be able to see or hear the spirit. But maybe you can still feel the presence. But when you gaze focused on their signal while calling their name, even if you do not see them or hear them, they have set their glance upon you. Of course, the ritual success is also affected by your degree of will and focus, as well as said spirits disposition towards you. And all have personality. One may refuse to manifest, your undeveloped senses being seen as a lack of dedication to the path. Meanwhile, another will see your current best attempts and try to assist you on the path. So perhaps try with spirits known to be kind and helpful to beginners. Continue to work on completing your meditations and exercises.

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If you had a weak moment and a lack of confidence, should you redo the ritual and then proceed with new confidence, or just strengthen your resolve and see what happens?

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You could redo the ritual, but personaly I would go with strengthen your resolve.

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At worst it will help you change your point of view. At best it may bring you what you desire.
— Christopher S. Hyatt, Ph.D.


Sounds good to me!

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Recklessly driving right now so I can’t read all this but all I have to say is that the moment you think about these entities is the moment that they are always with you they can hear you and they can see you just call out to them


Exactly!!! :grin: