Is it possible to cure an “Incurable” disease with demons or angels?

I just wanted to ask this question to be clear. From what I’ve read I know people have been cured with cancers and other problems with the help of demons and angels. I have been diagnosed with diabetes type 1 about 3 years ago, which is an autoimmune disease and has been labeled as incurable. It hinders my ability to visualize and makes me feel tired if not in the correct glucose range.
The disease is supposed to be heritable. I have no one in my family tree who has this and it is a rare case for me, although some people in my family do have an autoimmune disease. My pancreas didn’t completely shut down yet and does work barely (like 2 or 3 percent).

So if you have any suggestions about what spirits I should contact, energy work exercises,… anything that would help would be highly appreciated.


I am not sure about the demon sight.
But If we were to talk about normal Angels asides from enochion ones they do not have that kind of posession.
We can always work with archangel raphael though.
My mother has epilepsy I call archangel raphael to ease her pain when she has her attacks . She is always so kind and willing to help.


From my personal perspective: Marbas and/or Buer. I wish you the most of success :slight_smile:


What exactly is an enochion angel? Never heard of it.

Thank you

It is kind of complicated I do not have enough information either. You can search in the forum.
But their language is something hard to learn and it is powerful.

Alright, thank you for the help

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Your welcome just be careful with entities.

These are some of the healing Angels from The 72 Angels of Magick

The Power to Overcome Disease
If you have a long-term illness, this angel can help you cope with the symptoms, and some say
it can help reverse the effects of the illness. This should not be used for injuries or short-term
illnesses such as flu, but for illnesses that have affected you for months and show no sign of

The Power to Heal Disease
To say that an angel can cure disease is a mighty claim, and one that risks giving people false
hope, but Eladiah has a reputation for helping people with bone and joint problems. If you
have a long-term problem that you want to ease, or a recent injury that you want to heal, call
on Eladiah to ease your suffering.

The Power to Recover from Disease
Although you can use this angel when you are unwell, the best results come when you have
already begun to recover. When a long recovery is expected, this angel will speed up the
recovery considerably.

This last one is for everyone. I don’t think I need to explain.

The Power to Protect Against Disease
If there is an outbreak of disease where you live, or if you work in a hospital (or similar
location) this angel can provide excellent protection against infection.

I hope you find some some ease in the very near future.


Thanks for the help

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You are very welcome.

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Search tirelessly for your cure!
You will get it!
Try Lord Uphir, Marbas, Hent’yos or Mak’ta’lahn.
Try each one of them or all together!


I am HIV positive.

When I first got into trouble with the law a few years ago, I had gone off my retroviral treatment for a total of about one and a half years.

I have done alot of pathworking with various toxins and such, and have done rituals I have designed for myself to try and allow me further control over my medical issues, or to expand my psychic control over pathogens in my body, or toxins in my body, and their manipulation at a cellular level. Honestly, the idea for alot of this pathworking came from Frank Herbert’s “Dune” series.

I will say that when I got locked-up and went to the doctor again, my viral load had not increased remotely like it should have: they tell you a day off your meds totally fucks you because the virus immediately begins reproducing, and the reproduction cycle of HIV is quite exponential, and radically mutative. After a year and a half, statistically my viral load should have been back to a level of someone with zero treatment (at least 50,000 parts mer million, but up to around 700,000). Mine was 212 parts per million. Which, is an increase returning to a detectable viral load, and thus, to an actively progressing infection. But, there’s a big difference in 212 and 50,000.
I have since returned to active retroviral therapy and am again in a state of viral undetectability: I was even able to return to my previous medication.

Now, I do not know the statistics on going off treatment, and then back on, or time periods or any of that, and I should. But I am convinced that my pathworking has paid off.

The point I am making here is that anything is possible with magick. Put in the effort, do the work, transcend past your mortality, you know, like the URL reads. :wink:


I recommend calling the Archangel Raphael.

Even if your disease may not be fully cured, he can show you ways to improve your condition alot.

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I am ready to put in the work. Good luck on your journey.

I was thinking of combining Archangel Raphael and Marbas, because i read they work well together.


And you as well.

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They do.

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