Is it possible to create and manifest a petition without using any physical objects

If so how? I’d really like to know how just in case I can’t.


I’m not sure what you mean. A petition is simply defined as a formal request to an authority.

It can be written out or simply done verbally. Prayer is a form of petition, for example.


Yes! That’s what I mean; verbally or without anything physical,

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Of course. My grandmother didn’t use any tools - she could make things happen using her mind alone.

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We do create our own universe to a degree. We’re our own savior and destroyer.

Also you should be weary of people who claim to manifest things with only their mind. Over the years I’ve met a lot of people who claim to do this but none of them are lottery winners, dating supermodels, etc.

In b4 hurr durr I have no need for these things but I can manifest anything.

I’m from the show me state (not literally) so it should be no sweat off your sack to manifest the next winning powerball numbers for everyone here.

Actually I can. I have won lots of casino jackpots (“paperwork”) just by thinking about it. I haven’t spent my own money on a plane ticket in 9 years (I won all the airfares). Just by thinking about it. Did it yesterday and won $65 in literally two minutes,

Not everyone wants lottery wins and supermodels. There tend to be headaches that come with them that not everyone wants to deal with. You don’t need one or both to be or make someone else happy. And guess what both exist… so someone out there “won”

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Some people are lucky and I do give magicians credit where it’s due. In regards to getting what people need I’ve seen people manifest money and food but that’s because they didn’t have any and they were just able to get enough to get by. I’ve done this with the simon necronomicon when I was down on my luck. I think on its own and with some pressure applied by the inclined the universe does provide people with just enough to get them through.

I’m talking about people who claim the impossible. These people who think they’re super mages but can’t leave their house or basement. The one’s who have trust funds or an inheritance but they think they earned it. The delusional and the privileged who have a chip on their shoulder because they read a couple books is what I’m talking about.

Still a bit of a slippery slope. I get what you mean, I really do and for the most part you have a good point and are correct but… My grandfather was a millionaire. Caught his wife (grandma) cheating on him with the Vice President of Pepsico in the very early 50s. Might have actually been exactly 1950. He can be looked up actually lol. Banging my grandma while she was still married to him. Followed him in a private plane he owned (I think he owned it). Had a humble home (saw it when I was older) and shopped at goodwill. My point is simply. Ya never know as some rich live very “poorly”. You would have never known he was that wealthy. Again on almost everything you wrote I agree for that most part. I hate frauds.


She focused really, really hard and had unshakable confidence.

My grandmother mostly used her ability to undermine other people, give them headaches, etc. Grandma…had issues. She was not nice.

Whatever she wanted, she used her mind to get. It didn’t always come easily, but she got everything she wanted…until the dementia set in.