Is it possible to control someone’s mind completely?

I mean controlling a person’s mind to get that person to do things against their will. Is it possible from a long distance? For example person 1 controls person 2 ‘s mind into getting violent and aggressive towards people. Because I sometimes have thoughts of aggression and violence to carry it out on people during an anxiety/panic attack. Could someone tell me what’s going on? Is my body getting manipulated or my field of energy getting manipulated? Please guys answer all these questions for me, this is very important because it could have an impact on my life if I never get told the truth. During my panic attacks and anxiety attacks I feel like someone is controlling or trying to control my body and mind, and it sometimes makes me violent and aggressive towards people and I want it to stop, could someone please tell me what’s going on?


Depends, you can use psychic persuasion. Implant thoughts in their mind to make it as if it is their own thoughts, but not complete control because even then their thoughts can change and override the implanted thought.

Can someone please answer each and every detail of all of my questions please? @DarkestKnight I need your help, please read my topic

What do you mean? And is it indeed mind control?

Implanting thoughts is a form of mind control, making them do the suggested though you implanted under the guise of it being their own thoughts.

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I’m very far away from that person that might be implanting thoughts in me, is it still possible and how do I stop this form of mind control or energetic field control?

If it is mind control then making a shield that is aimed towards blocking mental influences.

I already pray to archangel Michael

That’s not making a shield for yourself.


@S_vi_Britannia Ok in psychology this has been a system for years the cia use it and the kgb used it they call it sleepers.
But to be clear in your case I have to ask a couple of question please don’t take this wrong
Have you smoked any THC substance lately or ever ?
Have you had any magic mushrooms or other shamanic psych drugs ? Lately or ever ?

All of these have similar properties if you get a bad Tripp .

When it comes to the magic manipulation yes their are spells that can bee done to control as well as mentalist and illusionist that could do remote control they would use hypnosis as a trigger. So every time you heard a certain song or sound or word the command or the thing they want you to do would take affect.
This method is also the one psychologists use. In some cases to treat some disorders.

The other is mind sweep or mind controll spells these are very rare and advanced I managed to do one , once and that was with the aid of an deity to sweep a persons mind completely about me being a magician. I tried it again and that time it did not work so it’s really difficult to do.

If it is because of a bad Tripp than by meditation and ground work your mind will be thought to hold the urges in.

When is was a teenager I’m Turing 40 this year I had serous issues with rage and destruction. I litterly try to destroy any thing in my path and also had death whishes. People use to hid all things that could have been used as weapon when I came home to them and people were truly a fried of my behaviors.

I began to really study Celtic diety magic and Tai-chi back then and now I have nothing of those thoughts.
So meditation and focus on their things to train your mind really helps.

Please let me know how you feel and how it works out for you.
Be safe
Blessed be


When I start having an anxiety and panic attack I suddenly have aggressive and violent thoughts but I’m not carrying it out, it stays at a thought, I don’t know what it is, it’s like this feeling is put in me. And no I don’t take drugs
Thanks by the way

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Honestly, it seems to me that your panic attacks are the source of your discomforts here, not another occultist. It is possible to change people’s thoughts and feelings with magick, for good or ill (demons in particular are quite skilled at this), but someone going out of their way to curse you is much more rare than you may think. The dark magicians that I know care much more about building themselves a great life and helping others than throwing around curses.

It sounds like the panic attacks are putting you into a state of “fight, flight, or freeze.” Normally, if someone experiences that level of anxiety, it’s because some real serious shit is going down. Like they’re in the jungle and a pack of bears is about to maul them. A real life or death kind of situation.

When you experience a panic attack, your mind is interpreting your current situation the same way it would life-threatening danger. The reason you may feel a violent impulse could be your mind-body going into fight mode (if you’re bad-ass enough to take on a pack of bears in the jungle, remind me not to get on your bad side). If you feel more like you’re frozen in place and almost just suffocating, that could be your mind-body freezing (like not moving so the giant dinosaur doesn’t see you and eat you).

Something that may help you with the anxiety is physical relaxation exercises. Emotions are felt in the body just as strongly as they are in the mind. When anxiety arises, your heart rate increases, your cortisol (stress hormone) levels increase, energy is transferred from your immune system to your muscles (to fight or gtfo) - your biological body changes with your mental state.

If you can totally relax your body, taking long, calming, deep breathes, your mind will respond. Your subconscious will see that your body is totally relaxed, which means that there must not be any danger. If there was danger, your body would be active and ready to handle it. Because you have calmed your body, your mind will become calm with it.


I just feel like punching people when I have my anxiety attacks and panic attacks and I don’t know how to describe this feeling, it feels like a fearful energy in my solar plexus and chest and I I want to get rid of it

The close i knw, bwsides demons, is a conjuration in a finbarr book. The guy say finbarr publish a booklet, and he lost it, and search, book was outprint, byt the chant was from a magick book the keys of salomon. He adapt prayer, repit he has great results, according to him i tnk book is call controling pwopls or something. Besides nathan elkana taki g control of a grup. Whuch is pray, visualization. If i want be serios the finbarr book is repeat 13 days. Only,

Corwin hargrove. Magik of influence

Could you tell me what this is about?

Corwin use demons to influence peopls mind,

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How? Does it work

That is so true, very good advice. I’ve been practicing for many years, can count on one hand how many curses I’ve thrown. Not that I haven’t wanted to many times, but I am much more interested in helping people and like you said build a better life for myself. I’d much rather put coins in the karma bank instead of taking them out. I suffered from panic attacks, and overcame them by facing whatever it was that was triggering the overwhelming sense of doom and fear head on, and they went away. But actual curses are a possibility, but definitely not the norm.

No! You can’t even control your own mind completely because of ambient psychological influence and internal biochemical reactions.

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