Is it possible to bless or send positive energy to an internet address? here is how I got this question

So I was wondering if magic can be used to make people visit a website or see it as more trustable or credible or whatever?
I do a search and come up with this:

Anyway, Abra-Cadabra (forum user) says this in a a post:
Curse the link or website address attached to it, and of course the persons names in the video if you can.

So I want to know is it possible to throw positive energy at a website. (Maybe Amazon did something like this)
How would something like that be done?

(is it possible to make people who go to a website trust it more, or maybe just make people get gossipy about it so they talk about it, or make them have the confidence to buy something from it)

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You can just do it through imagination, until you train yourself to see energy.


Where would I find a book on Imagination? (is that just imagery?)

Is there something I can read so that I can begin to ask more intelligent questions. I respect your time, so I don’t want to waste it on stuff I can and should figure out on my own.

And thank you very much for responding

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visualization. Just imagine it in your head.

yes imagery in your head

Imagine blue positive light going inside the website.

There’s a bad-ass Spobgebob episode on imagination. It pretty much outlines the basis for any literature you will go on to read.

Thanks. I will visualize it. Should I do anything else?

I do not know much magic. My entire career in magic consists of one candle magic working.
I am reading a book on sigils, maybe I can figure out how to make one of those reinforce my imagery.
Or is there something else I should try to learn that would be better for this?

Thanks again for answering

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Nope just meditate and imagine

I don’t want to beat a dead horse here but the Damon Brand book on Servitors says that Mr. Brand created a servitor for increasing book sales for a single book.

That is all “long distance” stuff. It is impersonal. So is the internet. (in fact, the internet is how I got the book) Amazon has it.

I got his book because he was recommended to me from here. would his servitor have been involved in that? I just thought he had a good reputation, but maybe his servitor did it.

My concern is this:
My imagination is weak, I need something to charge/boost the imagery. At least I think I do. like I said, I don’t know much about magic.

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Maybe his servitor helped. Try working on third eye chakra. good for imagination.

OK, thank you.

Some do it through sigils, some through manifestation, so on and so forth.

Imagination, visualization, emotion and intent/will is how we connect to gateway of the subconscious mind. This is how we tap into the astral realms where entities, servitors, spirits and the primal powers of nature are. The Internet is just a purely energetic (and physical) extension of the astral realm.

Right @Micah?

micah left on july 19

If you dont have good imagery and cant successfully cast a sigil it is doubtful you would have any success working with a servitor.


You can use jinn magick to gain popularity

Imagination is lowkey the worst way to do it lol, you can learn energy work or ritual work and do it without imagination. Visualization works, but not in a way you go with imagination because imagination can be inactive.


yes its very possible to bless or curse through online, I did that


Isn’t imagination the same a s visualization?