Is it possible to achieve GodHood?

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We stay clear away from those!

Perfect definition.

Truth! :heart::heart:

You are a fractalized perception of the all , possessing the power to create from source and with your mind . The nature of physicality and the human experience is limited , if you jump in front of a train you die , get in a sticky situation with the wrong people that’s it , so a god complex is delusion , all you can do is gain knowledge and apply it eveyday until you can see progress in your abilities

Maybe there will be a day when we do understand everything. Once that day comes and goes the all will no longer exist.

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Is it bad that I’m hoping the “the all” is just a evil demiurge xD so I can see the reaction of those who put their faith in us all coming from a single source? XD would also make a good story lol


I think humanity made it’s own bed and sooner or later we’re all going to have to lie in it.


Source: The Man in Black, Westworld.

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