Is it possible to achieve GodHood?

I want to start doing magic but only if that will help me in my goal of becoming a god-like or angelic/demon being. what can I do to become one? what path must I choose? or just only a few lucky souls have the potential, like Buddha and Jesus, (or Paimon, recently heard a post about him being a human before).

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Here is a thread on same topic. Check it you.

You say that like you aren’t a god already.

Consider a god as a being outside of time. If you ever were or will be one, then you necessarily have to have always been one.

If that’s the case, then there must be some reason why you don’t currently know that. Couple that with the idea that a god is all-powerful, and we can conclude that whatever that reason is, it is something you entered into of your own free will.

There’s some really important things attached to those threads, if you keep pulling on them. Fair warning, though: You may not be able to look at yourself or your life the same way again and it’s not always a comforting realization.

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You may try to become an incarnation of a being by repeatedly invoking him, or surround yourself with the type you want to become so contact either gods, angels or demons and understand how to live their life… in the case of angels I also read that for example “Michael” is a meditative archetype, represented by the people who achieved a certain stage of spiritual growth.

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It is impossible not to.
You are already God?
What makes you think I am not part of your imagination?

When you dream, and you dream of people, why do they feel the other people in your dreams not you?
Fool the people in your dreams are you!

Start with learning the basics and study the Qliphoth.

I tend to not personally follow the “we are already Gods so act like it” idea imo it’s a bit disrespectful to actual Gods, but God-like depends on what you view as God-like, as for becoming an angelic I assume you mean becoming an angel or demon in soul in which case the former various archangels like Michael, Zadkiel, Gabriel and such are good to talk to, for demons; Lucifer, Lilith, Belial, Asmodeus (even though he is djinn he holds a high rank within the Infernal) Beelzebub, and Leviathan.


That is your ego talking. That is nice but the ego keeps you away from your highest self. You know you are a timeless, an eternal being in a terrenal expirience. Start exercising Awareness and embrace your infinite self and love the Source :heart:

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Pick a system and work with it from the basics up, particularly one that “calls” to you upon reading about it. Once you feel like you mastered it, push it to the limit and allow yourself to be creative. As Miyamoto Musashi put it “Remeber there is more than one way to the top of a mountain”. If one path proves unfruitful, pick another. But you will still be closer to the peak than you were with the first step.

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Enki has given most people the potential to become Gods which makes humans special, but that rarely ever happens.

If i recall correctly, with the story of the creation of humanity according to the Sumerians, weren’t they created by Enki from the flesh, intelligence, and blood of We-llu, one of the younger gods who sacrificed himself in order to create beings who would work with them in order to be able to finally rest?

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Well, whatever the original story (and it has been assembled from fragments mostly), I would say that Enki definitely wants humans, at least those that are worthy to ascend to godhood.

I’m not sure anybody really understands what that means, but I suspect it is something along the lines of becoming a multi-dimensional light being, perhaps somewhat similar to the practice of creating a rainbow body in Tibetan Dzogchen.

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How can you be so sure about that? What if my dreams are me in past/future lives?

Yeah something like that, some of the translations I think are off or not how we really use words in the same contex.

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Back in 2006 I woke up and realised I was fucked in the head. Not a good way to start your day! When you realise something, you make it real. I analysed my family and ancestors; but then I understood I was fucked in the head because all of my life I’d been fed a constant diet of shit - usually by the loving spoonful. Moreover, I am not incarcerated in a prison or mental hospital so I must fit into a fucked up society - because I share the requisite number of insanities to do so.

Having realised I’m fucked in the head allows me to use my condition and its symptoms Magickally. Often, weaknesses can be harnessed and applied to workings.

P.s. Yes, it is possible to achieve Godhood. A number of spirits advise they started as incarnate humans.

That depends on your definition of a god and what attributes constitute one. Different civilizations have had different ideas. Even today, we have different mythologies (mostly in fiction) that have their own concepts. In the Theros arc of magic the gathering and the dnd setting, the gods are beings that humans have created, similar to thoughtforms, and they are dependent on human worship.

It could very well be that in ancient times, the gods were spiritual beings of whom mankind has elevated to Godhood. I hate to say it, but becoming a god may very well be similar to being a king. People have to recognize you as one and follow you. So, it’s more about popularity and public opinion than it is power and knowledge.

Or a god may be an entity charged with the responsibility of maintaining the universe. To which case it’s about obligation. I don’t think that’s what you want.

Your past is a library, You cannot grow the library if you do not add new books.
There is an illusion that past creates the present.

You can have “Past” lives in the future. Who said that souls follow the same rules as this plane? You can watch a movie twice, and rewind them as you please; also you can see futuristic movies as well as western. All the same.

Gods can respect the right mindset to create a much more profound magician. If they cannot, that is their profoundness linked in with their ignorance.

Tools don’t get admired as the gods are, but God is just a tool of expression to reach an ideal for the magician.

I think the op just wants to exist as a spiritual being without the limitations of a physical body. Like I said before I think the op needs to learn how to meditate and study something like the Qliphoth in order to get an understanding of how to do this. The Qliphoth is perfect because the first two husks cover this type of magick. (Oobes, shapeshifting)

Godhood is another thing. It’s subjective because everyone has their own idea of what that might be. If we’re talking god-teir powers I would say nobody has accomplished that. There’s no evidence of this. When it comes to escaping this universe the people who write about it are still here. And then there’s the lhp trust fund kids who think their gods because of good genetics and all the things they own. (Oh I didn’t forget about the shills in online forums who hide behind anonymity that claim to do impossible things.)

Godhood is a goal. It’s an idea of what success might be. You determine your own success.