Is it possible for him to be my soul mate and for me not to be aware that he is my soulmate?

So, my boyfriend and I were having a discussion on this topic.
And he asked me if I thought we were soul mates. And I’m not sure if we are or not but this is unlike anything we both have experienced.
So I dunno…
Is it possible that we are soulmates but aren’t aware if we are?

He seemed to have the opinion that if we were soulmates, then we’d both be well aware :frowning_face:

Not necessarily, internet’s full of people who only realised too late “s/he was the one” and are desperate to get the ex back. :cry:

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What do u mean?

I would say its possible, maybe part of the test of your current incarnation. Perhaps just one of many hurdles that you and your significant other will clear in time. I certainly dont know you or him or the situation but if he is anything like my former self before rifining my character he might be someone who tends to be on the fence about things, kind of spiritual one day, kind of not another.
Time tells the truth though.


People find someone, it’s going great, somewhere along the line they think “Oh this is great but I’m still young, there must be something even better out there” - they break up trying to upgrade then over time, reality hits - that person WAS the one for them.

I’m not saying I actually buy into soulmates mind you, or predestination, but people often fuck up a good thing they had and then want it back. “Get my ex back” is one of the most common requests on here.

People treat so many things as disposable, which are irreplaceable, and then regret it. Hell, done it myself with different things.

Tl;dr yes you can be absolutely right for each other and not know, and you’d only be truly aware once you lose him (if you let that happen).


I understand what u mean… thanks :slight_smile:


We are both very spiritual individuals… :slight_smile:

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People treat so many things as disposable, which are irreplaceable, and then regret it. Hell, done it myself with different things.

Im with you there, it takes work but meaningful relationships are a true blessing.

Furthermore I don’t get the whole “come back to me” thing. I ain’t no crawdad, I don’t walk backwards, I move foreward with my life!


In regards to trying to get an ex back (mediocre ones or plain bad ones): Be a god, not a dog…don’t eat your own vomit. That is all. The exit is always necessary, even if you can’t see why.


I don’t mind what idea of a God you have. So think with me: may such Powerfull God to be so cruel to make just only one person who is related to you in this entire planet? That is a sin story created to make people have fear to love and keep at stagnation level.

The stereotypical concept of a “soulmate” is illusory and is valid only within that perspective. In actuality, everything in existence whether known or not, acceptable or not, is an aspect of your soul.
I wouldn’t worry too much about this sort of thing: just enjoy it and go with the flow. Why complicate something that’s going generally well with all this unnecessary negativity?

I don’t find that cruel

There’s more then one soulmate. many kinds. soulmate friends, soulmate lovers, soulmate teachers, all is to teach you lessons for soul growth. There is special bond. Like your one with each other. energy just fuse together. There is no dissonance when your around them. Some aren’t aware of it as they aren’t ready or they have not trained in energy practices. There are ways to confirm it. Self hypnosis, diviiniation . I ching. muscle testing. meditation, intuition. Lots of pondering and contemplation. Took me long long time to figure mine out. Yet she don’t know or not aware or in denial. she ghost me and left. I know she’s soul friend. No doubt. she’s still in materialism world so i can’t do much if she isn’t open to it. Some times soulmate are unattainable due to life circumstance. My interest is healing so I met her when she was recovering from surgery. The universe bring you together through your interest. And the location we met, she would of never been there but somehow she went there. It’s also during time i ask universe to bring someone special in my life too. So it’s not all BS. You just have to look for hints and clues that they are soulmate. I deny it but i also am open to it. I made sure I confirm soulmate too. NOt just say it is without all analyzing all aspects. Part of it is that you can’t get them out of your mind even if you wanted. You care even if they are no longer in your life. There’s no jealousy. You just feel conneccted. Dont’ matter if they are with someone else. There’s a bond that can’t really be explained. you just know it after some time. They might notice it too but run away because they deny it or they are with someone else. Many people are scared of loving another. They just push it away and cause problems to avoid real feelings.