Is it possible a Hex targets dead relatives can protect them from harm?

I have recently been told that the dead ancestors are protecting a target. I have never heard or dealt with this before.
Is this plausible? if so, how can someone disarm all protection to get to the target?

Thanks in advance.


Yes that’s possible, to overcome it you can summon an entity like Murmur from the goetia to make an appeal to those spirits on your behalf, they might be persuaded to remove their protection or even take part in the target’s punishment if their actions are grievous enough.

Or you could just ask Murmur to restrain those spirits from giving aid to the target, that’s within his power to do as well, but if you do that then expect an attempt at retaliation by them on you at some point. So make sure your own protection is strong.


Thank you. I think restrain is the best course. So evoke Murmur before my destruction ritual in a restraining ritual and then move on to cleansing and protection.


Yep, you can even add Murmur to your destruction ritual if you care to as he does have a baneful side, everything else sounds good. :+1:


I have Andromalius for protection and have his seal on me and I will add some more protection too. Thank you


Is the person a mage of any kind? Does he have any natural or dormant abilities you are aware of and did you bother to check?


I checked, and no. I have had the help of someone experienced on here too who said it was dead relatives. No magical stuff

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Alot of non Mage folks have strong ancestorial protection


Rather than one target, I am interested in general for learning how dead ancestors can protect an individual and how to get past this obstacle if it is present. It is new to me

Ancestors are like any other guardian spirit with free reign.

As such, you can banish them covertly, given access to a person’s home for enough time to cast a banishing rite.

Getting ahold of the target’s blood, hair, or nail clippings is another option. Since your ancestors are in your blood and being they can’t protect shit if you make their physical being a component in your curse.

Option three’s necromancy. Summon the spirits yourself, then either try and make a deal with them or bind them to your will so you can freeze them out of the picture or even command them to do harm to their descendants.


All hail Dusk!

What sort of magick you use and what is their Lineage? Is this Black on Black when it comes to magick type in relation to lineage/race? Or is this curse crossing cultures?

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I use Lucifer and the Goetia in my work. Both target and I are in the Uk ,no crossing of cultures.

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Curiousity…is s/he into Churchianity?

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No, no religion. Into drugs and chaos and disorder.

I have just bought the book of Azazel, I think I will come back to this target when finished with this and put a few new evocations into practice


I’ve had this once, when I needed to banish a target. Whenever I went into my alter room to begin the work, something would make me feel really bad about it and I would think that maybe I needed more time to to think upon whether the banishment was justified. Anyway this kept happening and it suddenly dawned on me that I was being prevented or manipulated into feeling bad for the target each time I set about my work. The truth was the target was a prick and needed teaching a lesson yet something would always delay my plans. I picked up one of my old books on graveyard work and it mentioned ancestral protection. That’s when it clicked for me that this lucky bastard is so lucky because his dead fam is looking out for him.

In the end I decided to hold council with the targets ancestors. I protected myself really well and declared to them that they have a choice. They can move the target on to good things and remove them from my life, or I will do it with the help of my ancestors which will result in a harsher punishment than they would like me to deal out. I proclaimed my god given right to peace and that I will in no uncertain terms prevail, even if I had to destroy my self in the process. I wasn’t bluffing I meant it as I wasn’t going to let that prick win.
To be honest it was probably very foolish of me to threaten the dead lol but I was at wits end and did not care for my life. I asked my ancestors to finish the job and look after me until it was all done.
His ancestors must have known I meant business as his behaviour changed overnight!! it was one of the craziest things I’ve experienced. That’s how I know the ancestors can protect people. But I also know if your force of will is mighty, you can overcome.


My will to overcome will be stronger than his dead Grandma that is for sure.
This one instance of poorer manifestation for me has actually made me more knowledgable and stronger.
I have studied and reflected on my workings and what I need to change and made contacts with new spirits because of this and increased my power.
Interesting story, thank you. It is the first time I have had this come up really.


Its funny inst it how the hard times are the most enlightening. The whole behind the shadow of a candle is the light of the flame thing. Hang in there you’ll do it! Use your ancestors, they have a vested interest in continuing their magickal bloodline.


My ancestors won’t help me. All they thought of in life was themselves. The ones I knew anyway. x

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