Is it okay to start doing the spell for something you'll need in future?

Okay so my college is opening in about 15 days, so I was thinking of doing some rituals (for good communication and making friends etc.) everyday till my college opens. My question is that will it be okay to start doing rituals with different angels and demons on a everyday basis till my college opens?

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Of course. It’s always a good idea to set the stage before you arrive, though you probably don’t have to do the magick every day in order to get the ball rolling.


It would be smart to, as DarkestKnight stated. It gives things time to set things up and can help you not have to worry about doing that while packing or traveling. It’s a stressful enough time as it is.


Yes go for it and maybe do some to aid you with learning your subjects, your memory, writing skills, good grades etc.