Is it okay to do the LBRP before a demonic evocation

I typically perform the LBRP before any magickal working so that I have my senses heightened, however, I’ve been recently trying out demonic evocation and am not sure if the LBRP will actually hinder the communication between me and the demonic entity or even hurt it.

Is it okay to perform the LBRP beforehand?

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So this is a common subject of debate. My opinion is that it is situational.

If you have a daemonic patron/matron it could be insulting to use the LBRP instead of banishing using their power and your own. Likewise, if your temple is specifically dedicated to the daemonic it probably is not a great idea.

On the other hand, if you are using the LBRP before a working to clear out all other energy and view it the way you would cleaning your home for an honored guest’s arrival. If your temple or person has no specific dedication to an entity then why not? I don’t know, I am a fan of banishing beforehand, but there are a few places where I will not do it.


Yea I just plan to use the LBRP to clean up the energy before I invite them and to give my self a bit of a boost.

Just making sure I don’t insult the daemon or hurt it in any way.

Im sure there is a LBRP system for the “Demonic”

Sure you can. You can also invoke instead of the 4 archangels, you can use Belial, Abaddon, Azazel, & Amaymon. (S W N E order).

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I do. Starting with the Qabbalistic Cross, the LRP, and a closing Qabbalistic Cross. Then a Rose Cross ritual and then open quarters. Then invoking hexagrams and invocations, then middle pillar and a sigil evocation.
I don’t use all signs, only those which are necessary.

I view it as creating sacred space and purification, piety with the invocations. I want those called to feel welcome until told to depart.

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Indeed as simple banishing or LHP version I also think this ritual would be fine. Or it may be viewed in a Solomonic/classic grimoire perspective: celestial invocation prior to demonic contact.

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