Is it okay to do Multiple spells in one day?

For example: i do a money spell, then 30 minutes later i do a love spell, then 20 minutes after that i do a binding spell.

If so, is some sort of grounding needed before each spell

Or does that depend on the magician


You can do multiple spells a day, but not in that kind of time frame. Magick takes time and energy if done right and you are likely to burn yourself out doing back to back spells like that, your last spells fizzling out because you don’t have the energy to power them properly.

It is better to space them out by at least a few hours. That way the energies raised have a chance to dissipate so they won’t interfere with the other spells. You don’t want a binding spell to effect your love spell, for example.


I agree with @DarkestKnight. It is possible but not too much in a hurry. I have done 2 rituals during the same day and after last I was feeling good but exhausted, and needed good grounding. Also with bigger time frame you get more energy into spells too.



Ground, cleanse, and forget all about the previous working to make sure no wires get crossed, wouldn’t want your bank manager to get doey eye’d and your crush to suddenly talk about her business would you? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes I have done up to 3 sometimes. I would say the only thing also depends on you and what spirits your working with, if your not getting overwhelmed and fatigued or the spirits are not crossing purpose’s. Sometimes you just have to find out